Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Fallen Tree - 3WW

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This week's words:

Motion; Peaceful; Vision

The Fallen Tree

Everything's in
motion and look how the sky
shines so brightly now
that the storm has stripped
the sludge all away from us.
How peaceful can you
get, how pure vision
can wash this old world and all
we had to pay was
the ancient oak in
the back of the house, toppled
straight back, crushing all
beneath it as it fell
not on us though it did kill
the mole who lived there.

November 21, 2012 4:35 AM

Today marks the anniversary of my marriage to Ann Marie Sheekley in 1975, 37 years ago. Ann died in 2001 and we had to divorce in 1997, somewhere near there. I have never felt that divorce to be a basic reality and I have not married again. I took two more women into my life, one who woke my poetry and the other who gave me back my music. I am deeply grateful to the women who found it in them to be with me.

Thomas Gainsborough's The Fallen Tree created ca. 1750-1753, now held in The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minnesota, USA


  1. It must be pretty nostalgic for you..good that you have kept some wonderful memories alive..with presents from the present.. happy to see your poems.. well the words spill music too..Christopher.. well written..


    1. Ramesh, I don't often think of all this, but that year my birthday was the 14th, the wedding was the 21st, and Thanksgiving, the American holiday fell on the 28th, each a week apart.

  2. Toppled trees all over the place here, thanks to Sandy. You have expressed the situation beautifully.

    1. Indeed, Sandy was part of the driving force behind this poem.

  3. You are lucky to have both poetry and music in your life reawakened by your two angel women.
    So much sadness to bear in life.

  4. Happy anniversary. I miss Annie.

  5. I am wondering if 'you' are the fallen oak or the mole..maybe neither..maybe we all are both strong and easily lost..lasting words and thoughts..jae

    1. "I" am the guy telling the story. :D The rest is up to you, my friend.

    2. ;) I forget the difference sometimes between life and story..long may you be the storyteller guy!

  6. Nothing lasts for ever, not even oak trees. We live our lives and on the way we lose loved ones; partners, homes and even oak trees.

  7. Perhaps a falling tree is a symbol for how fragile we all can be.

  8. This is a beautiful post, thanks for sharing your thoughts. We have an oak tree in our garden which, this year, appears to be dying back from the top. I would rather see it come crashing down in all its' glory, than die back slowly.


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