Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stripped Naked - Reprise

The heart attacks changed everything. I have no idea now what the original referent was. This poem was written prior to both heart events but posted after the first one. They weren't really attacks. They were more like complaints and then finding trouble, serious because all heart events are but minor as these things go. However, my energy levels have dropped by half, I have trouble with my breathing and it is difficult for me to remain upright throughout a whole working day. Also, I am often found reaching for heaven in this poetry I write, or so it seems to me. It is completely ordinary for me to casually contemplate how short my remaining time on the planet. Death is not my enemy and mortality is not morbidity. I have all my life held attitudes that are not all that popular. I think I would do well in a culture that celebrates All Saints' Day. At least then one day a year I would not have to worry about offending anyone. If I did worry about offending anyone...

Stripped Naked

My stark lightning bones
Are thin, and look quite fragile
Reaching for heaven.

I was stripped naked
By a mighty wind
While sure I should stand my ground.

Then you come along,
Take my last picture
Before I fall down silently,
Old before my time.

January 6, 2009 9:15 AM
First Posted May 24, 2009
Image added and intro revised, November 3, 2012


  1. hello, Christopher... i am really enjoying these recent 4-5 posts, end of october and into november. the all souls day reference is neat.....
    this particular one is a remember when for me, because i had only been a blogger since january 2009 and yours was one of the blogs i gravitated toward almost immediately..... i remember your time before and after the heart attack(s). this post felt quite poignant and also clear in that eerily transparent way that clarity sometimes carries....
    anyway, thanks for the lovely work.


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