Monday, November 19, 2012


Somewhere in Wales on the coast.

I was a coffee drinker for the longest time, a major flow through, several cups daily. I thought tea was not very interesting and did not really care for the flavor. In the 90's I began to notice a prostate condition, the common one that plagues older men and that in time if you don't die of something else first will eventually lead to a prostate cancer. This cancer I am told is certain but you might have to live to be two hundred for the cancer to manifest.

When the prostate was irritated it let me know. Coffee is a diuretic. My prostate let me know. That wasn't enough to stop me though.

At the time I was really getting troubled I had some other symptoms as well, allergies mainly, that I took to a homeopathic physician. He said he could help me. I had to quit coffee. He claimed the essential oils in coffee and peppermint and a few other less common things were highly antagonistic to homeopathic remedies of any kind. He said I could drink coke. It's not caffeine that is the problem. Or tea.

His remedy for me worked famously. I am still periodically troubled but nothing like I was in those days.

Now though, a decade later, my heart has failed and I live with a weakened pump stroke due to structural trouble, a thickened ventricular heart wall. My intake stroke is the shits even though the pump stroke is fine. This markedly lessens my blood flow. I have to hold down the attempt of my body to compensate by higher blood pressure. I also run major risk of stroke due to my blood's slow flow and tendency to clot. Now any illness that comes my way tends to linger because recovery is difficult. I run out of steam from that and from the pharmacy that is now a steady part of my life.

Getting old is not for the faint of heart. I think tea is wonderful.


You post rituals
using antique stamps and old
graying envelopes
though there is a scent
found in the folds of the sheet
within that is fresh
and (oh!) reminds me
of the fields and the coastlines
near your small cottage
where we took our tea.

June 13, 2010 4:52 PM

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