Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Solar Fire

This is so cool. Rachel and I are in a cycle again, playing off one another in poesy. *Go Here* to see my poem in its context. It appears there as a comment to her poem, just as that poem first appeared as a comment to my post. For that context *go here* But that blog post was written because Rachel started the cycle by posting this poem. *go here* There is something very special in this. We both agree we are better poets with each other. I have never met in person with this woman who lives in the Yukon and me in the Willamette Valley in Oregon but we have been in the poetry together for a few years now. This is intimacy of a special kind. I really, really value what we have had. God blesses me with you, Rachel.

Sometimes I am just amazed at what she does and I know she has the same sense of me from time to time. So this is actually simple (but how rare? how rare?) We actually understand each other at some deep level that reaches beyond place and time.

I wrote this poem yesterday but had an obligation to my participation in Three Word Wednesday. She told me she has a reply ready to go. Hooah. Poetic power rising! I envision the muses weaving in among themselves with complex design, sleek and filled with us and what we do for we are obedient to the gods and goddesses of creativity.

Solar Fire

Even though I go
all the way to the sharp chill
of the farther ice
clouds where from time to
time I might fall free to draw
a singular streak,
even there I feel
the tug of your nuclear

Your solar edge
gives the harmonic:
you wind the tonic drum beat
of my sloven soul.

November 22, 2011 12:42 PM


for access to Kuljit Athwal, the photographer who took this photo in Scotland and who holds all rights to this photo publicly posted in Picasa albums, *go here* He says email him at this address:


  1. I have posted my reply... it is a little painful to me. I wasn't sure about posting it, but there it is. Thank you again, dear Christopher.

  2. Hmmmm... dark times indeed.

    I think you may have understated your pain.

    It is a common thing, I think, to have the conflict you express - by logic, anyone who treats you like that is obviously a failed relationship and yet because of who they are and what they have been to you in the past, it seems a little matter of forgiveness you can't seem to do but if you did all would be well, back to normal if they would just come back and pretend nothing happened.

    It seems so close and possible. Yet that little matter of forgiveness won't go away...

    "No one who treats me like that can be in my life, except for you, my love if only I can forgive right now. I wish I could. Then we could be all right because I could trust you as if this all never happened."

    Rachel, thank you for your courage, and as for me, I am grateful you are writing of someone else. It would just kill me to have caused you this kind of pain.

  3. I am glad to see you here my old ectoplasmic friend. I hope Thanksgiving and you got along.


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