Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Discarded Sofa

photo: Christine Donnier-Valentin via Tess at
Magpie Tales 93

The Discarded Sofa

If I sat down here
waiting for you while you ply
your trade - as you fly
and then wade right in,
picking up dangerous kin
and loving wee ones
as if you welcome
the entire green scaly world
of dark styled dragons -
you could be my love
if I hold your place right here
below the siege line
and the hollow things,
the discarded parlor trade -
will you cover me?

written November 27, 2011 11:32 PM

"Baby Dragon" courtesy Elena Dudina, found on her latest profile *click here*

The poem written for Magpie Tales 93. To see all the contributors *click here*


  1. I loved this wistful, whimsical take on the prompt. :)

  2. ... below the siege line ~ anything can happen. Loved this!

  3. Painful, even for a sofa, to be discarded...

  4. I love the ending request...because a sofa can always be covered...great word play...

  5. Easy enough to cover, if there's a gun in the upholster.

  6. These are my favorite lines:

    "as if you welcome
    the entire green scaly world"

    "if I hold your place right here
    below the siege line
    and the hollow things"

    Powerful words, my dear.

  7. fav stanza includes the siege lines and hollow things as well...enjoyed this...

  8. Thanks for your comments. Tess, thanks for getting me to see further what I was doing when I wrote. I didn't know why I wanted the last line to be what it is when I wrote it, and after that almost changed it because I forgot what I often do.

    Not only can I write as if the sofa had a voice, many of my poems are fashioned just like that. This time in this one that was an unconscious voice. I was writing as a man sitting on that sofa. It works equally and maybe even better if I am writing as the sofa.

    I am gleefully happy to "own" that unconscious voice.

  9. Your poem is absolutely incredible!

  10. I enjoyed your poem Christopher, a nice mix of the poignant and the optimistic.
    Isabel x

  11. I haven't been here in a while, but I like what I see! Good work, Christopher.


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