Sunday, August 7, 2011

Past The Moon-Reprise

I want to write you healed and found as if I could write thus and by writing make it so. I also want to write you healed and found because you are not and are lost and perhaps in need of a poem from one who loves you. I want you lifted on angelic wings. This I want if you wish to rise. I see this incantation as a statement of power, as if I had this power. I insist.

I am an arrogant man.

Past The Moon

I want to write you
healed and found, lifted higher
than you thought you would
go this very night.

I want your vision to clear
so you remember
who you really are,
no, not then but beyond that
history you told
to the history
you don't speak of now because
it goes past the moon.

Written February 12, 2009 9:20 AM
First Posted September 12, 2009


  1. your opening is a poem too, actually i like it better then the old one.
    hi sweetheart:)

  2. Of nights when I would sit and stare
    I would tell you of this thing in the air
    Around the world its journey goes
    How sad its view must be
    Always to look at the world below
    Having to see, never to know
    That’s the gift, it says to me
    Longing in life may be sad
    Knowing dreams unfulfilled
    Now that, that I cannot have
    Of nights when I would sit and stare
    Beyond the moon my dreams may be
    Stagnating here is too much for me

  3. what is it with those of us who wish to save? and why might we have any power at all of saving?



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