Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Passing It On

The site is Three Word Wednesday.

This week's words:
Drench; verb: Wet thoroughly, soak; forcibly administer a drug in liquid form orally to (an animal); noun: A dose of medicine administered to an animal.

Immune; adjective: Resistant to a particular infection or toxin owing to the specific presence of antibodies or white blood cells; protected or exempt, especially from an obligation or the effects of something.

Radiate; verb: emit (energy, especially light or heat) in the form of waves or rays or be emitted in such a way or (of a person) clearly emanate (a strong feeling or quality) through their expression or bearing; adjective: Having rays or parts proceeding from a center, arranged in or having a radical pattern.
In my Webster's Unabridged I got the following information.

The etymology of drench is Germanic and Norse and the word is more strongly verb than noun. One drenches the world more than one is a drench. Also, the sense of drench is to drink as a large volume is drunk more than to be immersed, as in a bath. The word carries an overthrow of all measure, akin to flood more than to dose. Further, the word carries a participatory aspect. One drenches another purposefully and thus the tie both to medicine (or poison) and to veterinary, where the lines of power are more clear between the one who drenches and the other who is drenched. The word is used more from the aspect of the person in power.

One way the word drench has been used takes it out of realm of liquid and liquid medicine and places it in the flow of heart and mood - thus I can drench the world with my person or presence if I am large enough and if I am not then you may drench me with your love and save me, revealing your presence in my life larger than my life by itself.

Immune is a direct descent from Latin: in + munis meaning exempt from public service. Thus a sense of the massive commons of susceptibility and the unique and singular state of freedom of the immune. The breathtaking arrogance of the medical community then is the reversal of things when we eradicate disease through immunizations.

Radiate also is a Latin descendant, a past participle in this form and it suggests both the center that must be mainly the source of emission or secondarily the calling back that brings about the return of things that tend to travel in defined and usually straight lines. A participle is a "small part" and thus radiate is better as a supporting feature than as a primary quality.

Passing It On

I shall rise to my station
and there dissolve me
becoming the flood
that rushes back to drench
your common places.

You shall then rise up,
full, immune, and find your way,
your bright life renewed.

Now the shine of stars,
you shall radiate brilliance,
and release your joy
as light for the rest.


  1. +Dear Christopher, What a pleasure to be here.. lovely poem with so much of learning about the words.. amazing..

    And your comment on my post has been very emboldening.. well I would love you to look at few of immediate past posts too for HAIKU form appears to have blessed me with its natural flow... if you could see them it would be a great pleasure..

    Shall be follwoing you from here on..

  2. "...that rushes back to drench your
    common places..." O, Nice.

    Christoper please, add one of your
    favorite poems to A Poets' Mind,
    a poetry club, on my blog.
    Thank you.

  3. You have almost absorbed the words and moulded them into a piece which shows (perhaps) a universal sense that we are all part of a bigger pattern..being repeated..and passed on..Jae

  4. Thank you, Ramesh, Cynthia, Jae. Isn't it a wonderful new world that this global community can join with so many others. The only regret, with all the rest of life there is not enough time...

    I have not been here at 3WW for a while because I am fully engaged on the planet and cannot be here too. I am too old to spread myself thin as I once did.

  5. Here's another

    Life After

    If my heart then died
    I would be free to lift off
    and take the angel's
    flight, along the lines
    laid down in clear air long time
    past the start of things.
    Immune now, standing
    in the wind fully drenched, light
    bathed, I radiate

    ‎August ‎10, ‎2011 6:29 AM

  6. I love the way you put this all together Christopher.

  7. Both are stunningly written, but I can't get enough of Life After. It really carried me along "the angel's flight". Both are deeply moving and poignant, and absolutely beautiful.

  8. Together, we can lament NASA's diminished roll. Only through our demise will we be able to rise to our stations.

  9. Thank you, Sheilagh, Scribbler, Tony.

    Mike, indeed, I am one who roots for our efforts in space and remember well the hopes as they were in the fifties and we had not yet gone at all. While certain aspects of our scientific culture have taken amazing flight, computer and nanotechnologies as examples, space is not one of those, neither has it revealed the others who may be out there, not conclusively, nor has space technology manifested in a spacefaring society.

    Susannah, thank you.

  10. What a delight to visit your blog and not only be treated to one meaningful poem but have a most beautiful bonus one thrown in for good measure.

  11. Inner suck 8/10/11

    Drench in your sorrow
    Having been drenched
    I now sorrow
    Is this sorrow for sorrow’s sake?
    It would take a stouter individual than I
    To constantly avoid maudlin self-implosion
    Immune to the chaos and conflict generated
    Lifting above the clammier
    Don’t stand to close
    My inner suck might radiate you!
    Exposing you to a good drenching

  12. you have a contact. Follow the path. Next Wednesday Thom will post three more words. You write on your blog using the three words just like this and leave the path back on his. You will be among thirty to fifty people who write poems and prose using the words...just like I did this time.

  13. Gautami, I finished it...

    This Is Not Right

    I shall use the spin
    (electrons often go left)
    to build this castle.
    Leftward stairs and dreams
    Crowned with pretzels, loves all left
    shaped like the letters
    of my own hand, left
    like the handed path, toylike
    lefty demons skip
    hope, forgotten imps
    who aim small reddish curses
    into left hand wind.

    ‎August ‎11, ‎2011 10:32 AM

  14. Christopher, this is my first time reading your work; found you at 3WW. Your etymology is spot on!

    As for the poem itself, the idea of dissolving oneself for the greater good, to keep that light shining, to give all... a dream of every artist.

    As for "my inner suck might drench you," I am still laughing at that comment! Thanks,
    Amy Barlow Liberatore
    Jess, this is a very beautiful use of the prompt words. My mom used to say she and I (both singers) were descended from sirens! It's the old Irish blarney, methinks! Thanks for a poem that, read aloud, is even lovelier than on the screen. Amy


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