Friday, August 12, 2011

My Need For Fire

I sometimes chew on these ideas, ideas like soul mates, like what it means to commit to a soul mate and then lose her. Twice now I have lost my soul's mate in this lifetime. The pain is exquisite and then the question too is exquisite. If I have found my soul mate but she does not agree with me and departs, or if some illness takes her, then what has happened? Am I mad? I don't think so, but neither do I dare to create explanations. Instead I rejoin the dance.

My Need For Fire

I accept my need
so I've built a sacred fire
as you taught me to.
Now I begin slow
dancing with my lambent dream
around the bright blaze
that holds me here
life after long life as I
chase that flare of flame
where we first appeared.

December 13, 2009 4:33 AM
Rewritten ‎August ‎12, ‎2011 4:19 PM


  1. Now only me 8/12/11

    The pain is exquisite
    My soul cries out from beyond me
    Where once there was us
    Now only me
    The setting for you at my life’s table
    Still there, unfilled
    Plate just so
    Utensils unused, pristine
    How else could it be?
    Without you in my life
    AS before us
    Now only me

  2. I think the sacred fire must be different from the one that burns. Unfortunately so many of us seem drawn to the latter, and we neglect the former.

  3. Mage fire

    You drew sacred fire
    from that place deep inside me
    where I thought I had it well
    enough hidden, tamped
    down to conceal treacherous smoke.

    Now I howl for you,
    chase you, hunt you down to find
    more of that same magic,
    magic that feeds deep hungers
    that I had thought gone.

  4. Farewell And What Happened Then

    You said you would go
    for good early tomorrow
    which drove me down, down
    and tore a red hole
    in me no matter my vow
    to hold civilized
    before you, take it
    in quiet. I could not hold still.
    The roar of this pain
    came out of my weird
    like no howling I have known,
    ripping free from me
    to stare right at you.

  5. Chritopher, thank you, you have inspired me to share:).
    Embers and coals
    Embers and coals
    The fire used to burn so bright 
    The passion and wonder 
    In your eyes danced the flames
    The flickering light
    Then came the hatred, the anger and disdain.
     It poured down like rain
    It doused the flame
    Now all that remains are embers and coals 
    A lingering pain.

  6. Jennifer, sweetheart! We all know this pain it seems. Some of us have an advantage - others who love us past the dark and ways to say it that work. Thank you for your art and thank you for being here.

  7. it's important to not lust for the fire, but rather to recongize that the passion that the fire is transcends bodies, even though bodies sometimes temporarily house it.

    i too need fire.



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