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More Practice - Reprise

David Joseph Bohm (20 December 1917 – 27 October 1992) was an American-born British quantum physicist who contributed to theoretical physics, philosophy, neuropsychology, and the Manhattan Project.
David writes: "Another aspect of the whole truth must be the perception that there is no fundamental difference of "inner" and "outer." One must see that ones own feelings, aches, desires, ambitions, fears, etc., are no more important in a fundamental sense than are those of other people, and that all of these "inner" workings are just going on in the same way that it rains and the sun shines. This is also very hard, but if one doesn't see it, then one is confused, and can only perceive truth in its fragmentary form, and not as a totality.

I have tried working at the latter problem, and after some work, I occasionally got a glimpse in which one felt that reality is in a different dimension. In this new set of dimensions, one saw that the inner and the outer are basically one. However, this glimpse lasted for only a moment. I think that I saw why it didn't last. In this state of unity of "inner" and "outer," the new truth starts to operate. But this operation implies a totally different kind of action - an openness that is at variance with all the norms of common life. It also makes one very vulnerable, as nothing can be kept from oneself or concealed. To continue in such a state would require a kind of love that does not exist in me, and that probably exists in very few people. So fundamentally, our understanding is limited by the absence of love. Understanding without love is impossible, as is love without understanding."
- David Bohm
Bohm-Biederman Correspondence
[a collection of letters exchanged between a theoretical physicist and an artist]
More Practice

You said it is how
the world is made, that the slow
sad songs are easy
to play, while the bright
glad songs just take more practice
and are more mature.
You said I like sad
because I am afraid joy
will break me open.

What do you know of me
to say such things?

Written February 12, 2009 9:37 AM
First Posted, September 15, 2009


  1. Word ver for this one is "lyclatra", which sounds like a heroine from a Greek tragedy ;-)

    You have a great blog. Thanks for your comment on my Magpie poem. I think we all have road accident horror stories like the one you and my poem describe.

    Apropos your poem: “Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts.” Percy Bysshe Shelley

  2. freely divulging everything another desires to know about you and keeping no secrets is at the core of the truth. And often that closest to whole truth is only known by those who know who they really are, which comes from sharing your life with others in a genuine way with nothing intentionally hidden.

    It is a risk to do so and in many cases can in fact be dangerous when the people you interact with do not share the same values about full disclosure.

    But just because a person cannot seem to find others who have the same understanding of the concept of love, all is NOT lost.

    there is a second way to truly know yourself and to maintain a level of being genuine that is essentially the same level of honesty. And that is by clearly stating a boundary of privacy.

    Honesty is freedom and considered by some to be the only way to experience life in a fashion that can truly be called 'living'. A joyful and fulfilling life is living among those whom keep no secrets, but can only be done safely between people with agreeing beliefs.

    the next best thing to living in heaven is to live with those who do share your beliefs, but maintain an honest level of privacy among the population who does not share your views.

  3. Nicholas, welcome. I am happy you like my work. It is frankly my version of going into the forest with a begging bowl. I am at the end of my life (less than twenty years left, probably) and I want to sum up. However that is proving more long winded than I would have thought.

    Who, damn! This is as sane and coherent a comment as I have ever had from you. Thank you very much. We share views in common, as I have known we do.


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