Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friendship Rules!

I chose to hang too long in the late evening cool of the day with some friends and have run out of time basking in the love of friends for each other. I will not do my usual thing. I need to say though that many of you in blog blog land (like Never Never Land) have my friendship, affection and love. You guys probably know who you are. If you think you might be one I would say I love you to, you are probably right. I am way too easy. :D


  1. What a lovely way to run out of time. The photo is enticing. I wait for the aliens to descend and carry me off.

  2. can i join your club; 'way too easy'? i love that, i hope i am like that

  3. i remember being surprised by an image you gave to me of you on the street with your hands in your pocket in the company of friends on a late dark night. and then i realized, you are always in the copany of friends ona late dark nights, as i.

    yes, i loev you too. yes, i love too easily.)


  4. Thank you all. I love you all. It has been easy to do that.


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