Monday, January 24, 2011

Writer's Block - Reprise

What an order!

Originally Posted Thursday, July 30, 2009
Writer's Block

I can't write what I want,
have to settle for backing up
and saying I can't write
what I want.

This will have to do.

The dragons all went home.
I am left with their breath.
Dragon scat in my house
forces me to step carefully.

Written February 2, 2009 11:04 AM


  1. Dragon breath could inspire you perhaps, as long as you step carefully. Terrific poem, Christopher.

  2. I agree with Elisabeth, how imaginative, this poem is! You transformed reality within just a few lines. I love the juxtaposition and movement from stanza one to the last stanza. Wonderful.

  3. I wonder if any of us can write what we want, exactly? It feels as though it is just beyond me, most times, as though language is incomplete. Perhaps that's why some poets slam down disjointed words, or artists, seemingly arbitrary colours. Perhaps they are trying to break the constraints of being human.

    Love the dragon scat.


  4. There is a dragon that lives at the mall, upstairs in the movie theatre. My daughter won't go up the escalator with me, she's terrified of it's fiery breath. I can only imagine the scat produced by a dragon.

    Love the song.

  5. Elisabeth, dragon breath smells like burnt pork mixed with fermented something or other and it does take you back to walk into a cloud of it. It has a curious way of holding together in miasmic clouds in the middle of things.

    Thank you Ruth, New Colors.

    Erin, breaking the constraints is ever a challenge but going for unusual forms only discovers the unknown country within the constraints.

    You would not love dragon scat if you ever stepped in it. Just as dragon breath holds together and hangs in the air, the scat does not easily wash or scrape off. Just as dragon breath is pungent, you don't want to break the crust of the scat. It actually combusts under the right disturbance.

    Lilith, you have a wise daughter. See above about the scat.


  6. Are you stuck? Your eloquent comments suggest otherwise. ;)

  7. (((Rachel)))
    It's actually better to be blocked then and write about it now. That way you know what it was but can have your way with it. It's actually even better than that. I am not blocked now nor was I when I wrote the poem or even when I first posted it. However there have been those times when I went years without any creative writing worth a shit.


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