Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Triangle - Three Word Wednesday

I have written the following, using plausible, taint, willingly as my contribution to the roster of poets found on the Three Word Wednesday site.

Remember there is truth in fiction. I have no wife. I once did. I betrayed her in other ways.

The Triangle

My soul willingly
carries your taint, the wide stain
as if on canvas
smeared with bright color
or my skin with wicked scent,
and you gone away
on a plausible
errand for my wife while I
hold here still silent.

January 5, 2010 4:59 PM


  1. wow, so bold, yet such hurt and pain.

  2. it takes a person with integrity to be able put their mistakes out for all to see. You have integrity Christopher

  3. I liked this. Well written and a tinge of bitterness about it. Truth in fiction. I find that most readers almost always interpret everything as autobiographical which is not always true in my case. It's a melange of things that have happened to other people . It's the truth but not my truth.I don't think you need to explain that you have/had a wife or even four or five of them:) Good to see you on this site.

  4. Yes, three comments, three sides to it, and mine...a quaternity. Do I need to explain...did I explain? To say I betrayed my wife is an atmospheric, not an explanation.

    The triangle as truth in my life forces a thorough shuffle of characters.

    It is bold fiction. And it is unequivocal truth somewhere, somewhen, to someone. I tell you the truth when I say that I started with three words and did not know what would come out at the end of nine lines and fifty-one syllables.

    Then the picture, a serendipity. The rest of the words, a completion of the fiction.

    Three comments, three sides, and mine, a quaternity. And a continuation of the fiction.

  5. is a beautifully crafted poem that does reach the right ending..thanks!!!

  6. Is there bitterness, sadness, pain or regret?? I see all of it here in so few words and done very well!!

  7. chris,
    there is courage here...rope walking when u knw it has been built on all fabrics that would break...immensely touching...when i first came to your blog i read about your wife in the post where you are holding that urn..And it is probably with great respect that i say that you are walking that rope with your head held high...wish i could say more ..but the there is nothing that can quantify a spirit..your spirit..regards ..

  8. Vivid; intense. A lot of emootional. I think I can use this sentiment - to read when I need to epress hurt and regret.

    Awesome Chris.



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