Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Bad Day - Three Word Wednesday

What a Day! I'm so confused!

I don't know where I am this morning, why my freakish mind would go to such a place. Must be bad drugs. Some mornings it is hardly worth it to gnaw through the leather straps. But at least I have both my ears intact.

Written for Three Word Wednesday

Three words: harmless, moist, yelp

A Bad Day

I thought you harmless,
dewy, moist as a baby
fresh from mother's love,
from the morning's bath.

I turned away in all trust
and that's when you bit
off my ear's soft lobe,
took my old gold earring too.
What a yelp I gave.

January 12, 2011 11:51 AM


  1. Not confused, but naive, thinking what you see is what you get.

  2. Hardly worth it to gnaw through the leather straps. This paragraph struck my funny bone close to home. I'm still laughing.

  3. Thank you, all. It was a good day to stay in bed. I still have no idea why. I just checked. My earlobes are intact.

    So it wasn't exactly me at risk of buying the sweet baby's dewy skin. In other ways at other times, I guess, but not today.

  4. you did take a left turn, but you arrived at a great place.

  5. Always a pleasure to read your sharp humourous snippet verse!

  6. I know, Thom, when you're me, it's tough to avoid the left turns. I'm kind of like a dog I know, a pug-like critter who always turns and only in one direction. After a while of watching this strange dog you get it that that is what he does. I can imagine people really working hard to get him to at least turn in the other direction. Nope. Won't stop turning either, if he is free to do what he wants. I think I turn left like that.

    Rall, good of you to stop by and say nice things.

  7. Oh my gosh :) i had kind of a bad day, but not this bad. And hopefully it makes you happier, that this made me laugh.

  8. That was a fun poem but the confusion and rage at that work place made no sense at all ;) Yaay!! the other confusion was great fun :D

  9. Jozien, I love you to bits.

    Nanka, I don't know...I find it funny, especially that last kick as he leaves the cubicle. I work on computers and you really just have to give them time enough and you will completely understand and root for the guy. I literally got my place in computer aided drafting and design because another guy fried his hard drive before he backed up a huge amount of work. Shame on him...lucky for me.

  10. Ha,ha, this was a good visit for my 3WW.too.

  11. quite the creative and unexpected product of the prompts.... a cannibal baby with a gold fetish.... who knew??

  12. Harlequin, it is of course a profound metaphor for our life and times :D


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