Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Of Love

Table of Consanguinity (from Wikipedia)

Consanguinity is a legal term that comes to us through the French from its usage in Roman times for exactly the same purpose, to determine degrees of inheritance or descent for legal purposes. Notice the numbers in the table. If my blood is 100% me, then my mother is 50%, my grandmother is 25%, my great-grandmother is 12.5% and so forth. Likewise my son is 50% (because of his mother's blood), my grandson is 12.5%, and my great-grandson is 12.5%. Refer to the table and see how these degrees of relatedness run out through cousins. In imperial and royal matters, it became important to know the degrees of relatedness to the emperors, kings and other lords.

Con* means "with" or "through" in a similar sense to "with", while *sanguin* is Latin for "blood". The state of affinity through the blood.

I have met through Facebook, two of my first cousins, once removed. What a blessing. This is a part of the family that was distant for reasons I understand but are no longer relevant. They were never relevant to me. We are all getting along in years. So welcome to my life, Penny Noordwal-Ware and Ruth Noordwal.

Note also that second cousins are not the same as first cousins once removed. That is a common misuse of terms. If you aren't sure, then saying "distant cousins" will suffice for all the other relations.

This is ever an informative site.

Three Word Wednesday has offered up the words "charm", "feast", and "robust" for use in a creative format.

Here is my offering

Labor Of Love

I have worked a charm,
taken your blood, just a drop,
a small bright red pearl,
laden with your life,
and mixed with right potencies
from secret, sacred
stashes of power.

I have created a feast
of dreams arrayed like
silken Chinese fans are,
crafted from complex thready
mists, sacred incense.

If you are robust
then I am at cause, carry
my weight willingly.

September 8, 2010 8:34 AM


  1. What do I say.. pure poetry.. essence.. lovely liked it a lot..

  2. The offering is a good one today. Enjoyed the informative part too.

  3. Thank you for this, Ramesh.

    And Anthony, part of being a know-it-all is knowing it all. The internet is soooo good for that. Have a question? Google it, then Wiki as needed. In a matter of minutes you can say stuff like a pro about something you knew little about when you got up this morning. It gets me in trouble though. There are people who really hate an effing know-it-all.

  4. Very dreamlike, this poem of yours.

  5. "This is ever an informative site."

    I laugh. It is so.

    I have wondered on the power of men such as you, drops of blood, clips of hair, dreams. I see three of you(ish) but each so different, of course, bent over your desks with hooded lights. I wonder how many of you there really are, just how much power there is in the world, and that lies in the hand, the heart?

    Wonderful imagery.


  6. If I told you how many of me there are, Erin, I would have to slay you with love and change you forever. I left a poem about goblins on Rachel's site. That poem is fairly direct to this question :D

    It helps if you are willing to believe in goblins.

  7. the poem...just beautiful; couldn't stop smiling as i read.
    congrats on reconnecting with the blood ties.

  8. Hooray for that, Harlequin.

    I root for grins. Just like other hogs do. I root for grins and they root for truffles.

    I am a big fan of pigs.

  9. I should know this...the wonder and magic of life! A little of this, a speck of that, a drop of it! Life!

    Very, very unique 3WW offering Chris!

    Do check mine! :)

  10. I'm not much of a poet (didn't ya just know it) - but I really like this. Made me sit and ponder a while ...

  11. Amity, I did visit and tried to comment, don't know if it posted. It is not a process I am used to. Thank you for your comment here. What I said there was that I liked your work and liked even more that my title to this post was a phrase you used in your previous cross stitch post.

    Gary, we might make a poet out of you if you hang out too much with poets.

  12. This such a weighty and beautiful poem. I had to read this three times before letting it go...not because it wasn't clear, but because it was..."so much". Absolutely beautiful, complex, and vivid. Loved it.

  13. Thank you K, I guess. Now I feel like I have to continue to produce marvels! I hope I can and I hope you will return.


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