Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't Blame Me

Here It Comes!

Three Word Wednesday has offered the words, engulf, imminent, tamper. I used them several times in my romp through space/time. Perhaps there is some sanity somewhere, but probably not here today. I am wandering in search of an honest man, while carrying a sputtering whale oil lamp. The aroma is arresting. It's all rock and roll.

Don't Blame Me

You engulf the sun,
imminent heat death:
yes indeed, you tamper
with the scheme of things.
Holy crap!
I stand accused but I deny it,
I am innocent, innocent I say!
Even though my condemnation
is so goddam imminent,
I hate to tamper with your life,
don't you know I do.
I'll engulf my days with due regret.
(Perhaps I shall fly off at speed
to the far, far indolent corners, there
to lick my weeping cheesy wounds.)
You eat time with red sauce,
engulf space with hot intention,
and I am pregnant with ideas now
soon to wobble forth topsy-turvy,
soon to tamper gracelessly with
your imminent majesty,
you very freaking eminence.
Hope you can guess my name.
That's what Jagger said.

September 29, 2010 6:26 AM


  1. I thought every one of those red circular huge hats that supposedly each blind guard had, had fallen off.

    yours looks intact

    (I am not blaming you, WE WON! the xy chromosomers that is) anything else you gear is pure hogwash/conspiracy.

  2. "lick my cheesy wounds huh"!

    being pregnant with ideas made you write these wildest ideas Christopher, but who are you by the way? Lols... :-)

  3. It IS a conspiracy. Even you know that. My hat is not red, more of an olive drab faded by years of sweat and sun, not that I have ever actually worked that hard...the hat is just that old, bought it in the eighties.

    Amity, if I told you my name I would have to sew your sleeves together. That's part of the contract.

  4. A brilliant ride of words, I loved it and I loved your comment...I'd have to sew your sleeves together!! LOL :o)

  5. "cheesy wounds" and "eating time with red sauce"! This weeks prompt words have sure unleashed crazy creativity :)

  6. This is so creative and fabulous I dont even wanna share that my 3WW is up too. LoL
    Thanks for sharing your lack of sanity with us ;0)

  7. Have you ever tried to be graceful with your sleeves sewn together? How about with Mexican handcuffs attached? Thanks for stopping by, Deborah.

    Dreamer, you and Amity both omitted "weeping" from my cheesy wounds. Perhaps you mean nothing by it. However, I am building a pout since I worked so hard to get that image. Cheesy wounds is bad, but weeping cheesy wounds, now that is positively disgusting! That's up there with the best of South Park. Um, for the global folks, South Park is a tv cartoon show for adults that plays on the comedy channel and the show's humor is overtly and deliberately over the top, and often grossly scatological. They kill Kenny in most episodes. They satirize all decency in all episodes.

  8. Gigi, there you are! I'm glad I made you laugh.

  9. That was a real fun take on the prompt words....... Loved it immensely. Is it Mick??

  10. Well of course it's Mick, but not in the song. And I don't mean to imply that you should have sympathy or that I am a master of a mad realm, though I am a denizen of said realm on occasion.

    However, that you should guess Mick is just perfect, Nanka.

  11. Perhaps I shall fly off at speed
    to the far, far indolent corners, there
    to lick my weeping cheesy wounds

    Yeah, I'm jumping in everyone's sewn-together sleeves like a flea, because I thought that line was brilliantly evocative and gross. We should all be grossed out more often. Do I know your name? I think it's tattooed on the back of my skull, but my hair's grown long and I don't have a mirror anyway.

  12. R.S., I am not known for deliberately grossing people out so this was a departure and the line itself developed over iterations too. I did not start out even licking, let alone licking weeping cheesy wounds. If I am creative at all, it is in editing as well as writing.

    I don't lie actually, and don't use a persona on this blog, so you know "my" first and middle names from my blog, and the middle is actually patronymic, being my grandfather's last name, but my mother's maiden name then too. However, I am channeling in this poem. The guy doing the talking in my poem is behaving in ways that are beyond me.

  13. We both had a similar idea but two very different ways of expressing it. That's what's so good about blogging.

  14. Reading it, i thought you should have stopped after the first 4 lines, but reading on, it became so much fun. But really you could have left the words 'holy crap' out (my opinion) because really your words are 'holy crap', you don't have to say it.

  15. Thanks for stopping by and the cat may decide that the door can't resist her embellishments.

    But the cat would join you in licking your weeping cheesy wounds, because she feels for you.

  16. Rinkly, I thought so too.

    Jozien, the narrator of the poem isn't me. You're right. I don't need to say Holy crap, but the narrator did. And actually that line is formal and ties to the last two lines, which would require something more if Holy crap wasn't there.

    Judy, The cat might not like being told what to do like this. I don't know for sure, just a hunch I have.

  17. As with the others 'you eat time with red sauce' is one of my favourite lines. Great, powerful piece..perfectly fitting image to go with! thanks for your visit..Jae

  18. Angel, Jaerose, thanks for leaving comments too. I had a great deal of fun with this one, and I wrote a departure from my usual work. It's much longer and evocative of how I work too. Jozien was right when she said I could have stopped after the first few lines, because that's how the poem developed...I was having too much fun with the piece and wanted to see where it would go, who the narrator was.

    It was a helluva ride and when I got to the end, asking who am I really, that was an honest question because I really have no freaking idea what just happened here.

    I have been off work and now have to go back...good news for my pockets but terrible for my engagements here in the blogworld.

  19. It made perfect sense to me with its multi-layers. It might appear funny at first but not so. I like the underlying irony.

    colours lay bare my soul

  20. I love this piece. This is a rich and multi dimensional write. Nice 3WW. Love and Light, Sender


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