Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3 Word Wednesday - Political Predicament

-Elena Dudina
This is NOT a demure anemic virgin. May she cross my path. Please?

Three Word Wednesday has asked that today's participants use demure, offend and volatile in a short creative work. At least it seems to me it ought to be short to meet the spirit of the challenge.

Here is my contribution. The first lines were given to me by my Webster's Unabridged dictionary as part of their first example of usage. Arnold Bennett wrote " hustling male assistants very energetic and rapid, instead of by demure anemic virgins..."

Being an old acid head helps at this point.

Political Predicament

Demure anemic
virgins shall cross my wanton
path and shrink from me.
They shall not offend
the up-tight prudes who have thrown
us out of office.

Volatile odors
emanate from the gassy
members of our clan,
those who ate the stew
with billowing impunity.
Far from anemic
and hardly demure
themselves, they do not now care
that they will offend
the jolly stewards,
all frothy gaiety,
volatile worthy servants.

What now shall we do?


  1. Great opening line. What ever Shall they do now? Great stuff.

  2. Well, this demure anemic virgin thinks...

    Wait. Sorry, channeling somebody else there for a second.

    This wanton slut likes your word useage overall, not just the three words for today, but all of your language. You were sharp and on point. Loved the art at the top, too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This piece has a driven feel to it, like a Conan the Barbarian thing going on. Lush, heavy, good.

  4. VL, In my family, those initials stood for my father's first and middle names, Vance Leonidas. Thank you for your comment.

    RS, :D I don't know what to think. You could be a demure anemic virgin pretending to be a wanton slut. Yes I do try to unify things.

    ThomG, At one time Conan was a staple in my reading stables. I liked everything about that series. However, you are the absolute first to come up with that kind of image for my work. Wow. I hope I don't decide on strength of this that I can fight the shithead down the block. I am pretty sure he can wipe the deck with me.

  5. Wow, love the originality of your poem and its forthright and thought-provoking style.

  6. Thomma Lyn, thank you for visiting and I am happy to know you like my style. There is a whole archive full of this stuff, in many different voices, I hope.

  7. Great stuff and a unique style. Makes me wish for the umpteenth time that I could write poems :(

  8. Dreamer, thank you. We are each different, both in strengths and weaknesses. For example, I am totally inept at dialog and despite being a good musician and a good poet (it would be stupid of me and inversely arrogant to pretend otherwise) I cannot write songs, not to anything remotely close to my satisfaction. Songs and novels are not for me.

  9. This mad me laugh and think...Love the idea of the NOT a demure aneamic virgin.
    Love the way you melted the three words in.

  10. Thank you K. I have loved NOT demure anemic virgins.

  11. Huh! demure anemic virgins, wishing they'd cross your path...lols!

    you were creative indeed as what you've emphasized in your opening line! :)

  12. power is elusive... only when we don't possess it is there a noticeable space needing to be filled out... not that im hungry for power... well, no, yes, sorta.. enuf to get by anyhoz... oh geez, everything is so deceiving even the look on one's face... well, no not that either... hey, life stinks at the oddest of moments...

  13. oddly enough, ms pie, the way you finished, I found your comment a delight :D

    I have worked my whole life in corporateland and I know how power flows in our modern view of things. I also have plumbed the depths in several ways.

    It is okay to yearn for power, or at least it is a human thing to do.

    However, a twisted power lies at the heart of the love of money and that whole complex has been revealed to be a corruption.

    Everything on the planet that has real value is dangerous. Sometimes the value is high and the danger low, and sometimes this reverses. Other times while the value is high the danger is much higher. This relationship varies widely but the danger is never zero. If for no other reason, this one is sufficient to be sure that we never get out of here alive.


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