Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Wind Of Your Truth

Most of my life is not involved in lessons. Most of my life is a process of tempering, or tumbling like a rock hound tumbles rocks on the way to polishing. The lessons are basic and not that hard but learning them over and over is what happens to me, knocking off the rougher edges as I go. Lovers temper me. Friends temper me. God tempers me. I change as I have written in some of my other posts from pig iron to tempered steel.

My time right now suspiciously feels as if I am about to be tempered again.

The Wind Of Your Truth

The wind of your truth
pushes against me, testing
my balance among
this grove of ancient
trees. Listen to the soughing
of the upper limbs
as the far dim sun
slowly wakes this day and me
thawing out beneath.

June 2, 2009 9:49 AM


  1. "Rolling River God
    Little Stones are smooth
    Only once the water passes through
    So I am a stone
    rough and grainy still
    Trying to reconcile
    this river's chill."
    (Nicole Nordeman - River God)

  2. Thank you, Annie. I wonder when I see things like this. She seems like a relative. The poem or song is okay as it is or that she wrote it is okay. What puts it over the top is her name...

    My name is Christopher Noord... ...man. Noordman is surely the same as Nordeman.

    When I built this image this time I had in mind my dad's brother Jack, who showed me how rock hounds tumble stones to smooth them and reveal their beauty that way. Also I rarely have our friend L. far from my mind as she so often uses stones in her images.

  3. Dim sum! Hehe

    I like this one; I know how that feels, being in the forest, rocked by the wind.

  4. I am quietly excited by this. I have lived it in part. I've paid witness to this in myself and it has surprised the shit out of me. It's like being high and looking at your hands as though they are balloons and they might float away. I'm nothing but grateful for the chance to have some of my edges tumbled. I look forward to more.

    I hope yours comes in the form of a full heart.


  5. Thank you Erin. I pray for you too.


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