Friday, June 25, 2010

She Is Right There

My last girlfriend resembles this woman, though it is not she who inhabits tonight’s posted poem. What I mean is that she was entirely healthy in the area of support and leading by suggestion. She was not at all deceptive about it. She would gift you. Then she would push you to use the gift. The gift by the way was nearly always spot on. I not only had the experiences, I watched as she worked this way with others. Her children have benefited in big ways. Her youngest is taking an advanced degree at the London School of Economics, a degree in Environmental Policy and Regulation. Wow. She has sponsored at considerable lengths, two Mexican brothers, the younger in Canada is studying to be an operatic singer in the music program at the University of British Columbia. The elder brother is studying engineering in a university in Mexico. Both are primarily funded by her and by her complex planning to use other people’s money. She chose to adopt the younger brother who is with her in Canada several years ago as part of this work.

She did shit like this with me. I was irritated, a little, but really I was amazed and proud of her.

She Is Right There

Open your eyes she's said
to me, so many times, said
so insistently
and I honestly
try, believe she is right there
sitting in the front
row as if naked
with this intent grinning face
staring up at me.

I love this woman.

June 11, 2009 9:18 AM


  1. mmmm~

    You love her very much.

    People who are powerful like this AND active, put me off guard. I've never really realized that people potentially have this much power.


  2. Erin, she doesn't feel it like power but like love. She loves being in the world with less complication than I see in most people. She is very impatient with people who want to talk talk talk. Instead her yard needs care, or you do. She takes it all fairly lightly, except she won't let go of stuff.

    She wouldn't sleep in my bed because she won't abide electric blankets as wasteful and wrong. We had some interesting times because I won't budge on certain things also.


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