Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not Like All The Rest

This poem reads at this point with two equally possible second verses. How can I be honest might be a completely sincere and honest question, wanting very much to be honest, looking for the way. How can I be honest might be the question of a man with a secret that shames him in the clean light of the moment, a special moment calling for more than he is. I love the ambiguity. It is a deep thing.

Not Like All The Rest

Awareness cuts fine,
too fine for words. In the cracks
between them, your eyes
see me in the now
of things, in the now of worlds
beyond the current
path we walk holding
hands and wanting more of this.

How can I then speak
to you honestly
and with clarity this time
not like all the rest?

June 7, 2009 11:08 AM


  1. I am at the glade
    where we found the golden ring
    but where are you?
    can you look in between the cracks
    do you see me?
    just say what you see
    there now, only this moment

  2. I've Come Too Late

    The crow sent her call
    as a message for me to
    return in full dress
    as prince of the realm
    in the bright sequined saddle
    sitting proud, straight up.

    Getting ready took
    so long, and my steed so slow,
    where have you gone now?

  3. ohhh~

    and then i fall
    in between honesty and sincerity
    in between love and hope
    and she and he

    there is a great deal to fall in between, i'm afraid
    but yet we try.


  4. Getting Past The Crack

    I need to slim down.

    I see the crack but can't go
    between the cold walls
    in the shape I hold.
    If I shift my shape to yours
    and take your meaning
    as my very own
    then maybe I will just fit
    and then I will squeeze
    the dark out of things.

  5. if it will work
    i will to my room
    and if you watch my ankles
    i will disrobe my skin,
    my childhood and now, too
    it wrinkles 'round my feet a pool
    splash in that
    zip it up
    and with a whistle
    and of course, a fart, too
    cut your way through


  6. Goddam Erin!!
    That one took me by surprise!


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