Tuesday, June 22, 2010


In some kind of weird way this is how I feel about being here on the planet, as if I have forgotten something. It is indeed all so odd now.


I don't remember
the way you touched my cheek, mouth
and held me just so
beneath the soughing
pines in the dim light found there.
I do remember
that you did touch me
just not how and not what came
of it, nor of me.

It's all so odd now.

June 9, 2009 11:32 PM


  1. Erin did a beautiful post on touch recently.
    I am a sucker for touch :)
    i do remember
    many touches
    like yesterday
    i also do remember
    what came of me...
    i tell you
    you might as well
    have a touch
    of alzheimer
    because now i live in

  2. But for the touch
    and that feeling the agony would not exist and then where would the balance be? Where would the longing be? The beauty in these moments goes so well with the agony of absence.

    To remember partial is still very
    good, maybe not enough, but...


  3. Yes to you both. The quality of these comments is heartening.

  4. What is considered forgotten will be remembered maybe in other ways. Touch is one, but there are others. What is forgotten is still with us waiting to be nudged forward when needed maybe to confirm our sanity. Liked the poem today.

  5. Anthony, perhaps you are right about the forgotten still being with us. Some will say it is all recorded in a spiritual record. On the other hand, some things do seem beyond recall. Sometimes that is a blessing.

    One of the theological claims is that a quality of Divine Mercy is a Divine Forgetfulness, that God Perfectly Forgets what He Forgives. In this way Divine Forgiveness is unlike the human kind, because we rarely forget that which we forgive if it is a large enough thing we had to forgive.


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