Monday, June 14, 2010

Blurred Edges

The north end of the Willamette valley in June is odd. We all expect more sunshine than we actually get.

Blurred Edges

The weather just sucks,
it's in the way of us now,
all fog and dank wind
washing edges out
of sight, we blur and fade out,
cannot meet in this

I wish August
heat and you in bright colors,
willing to come near.

June 7, 2009 9:31 AM


  1. Such a good poem.. I like the bright colors, they'd be enough even with the blurred edges and the weather that sucks.

  2. The use of the word "sucks" sort of threw me until "muck." Then it was the best word! I really like the turn at the end.

  3. Anthony, Karen, thank you for your thoughts.

    Karen, I guess you don't live in the same slang world I do. We like "suck" for all its connotations and alliterative features and it is rather heavily used - as in the saying, "there is no gravity here, the earth just sucks!" The word is conveniently close to the *f* bomb and renders the conversation more polite.

    People are always interested in keeping the conversation sassy but dodging too overtly the danger zones of sexual harassment and rudeness in the corporate labyrinths of Kraft and other mainstream confabulations. It is sanity we are after.

  4. Ah Chris, you diss my fog and dank. How I love it so. August sucks...and all the f-bombs that go with such life sucking heat! Really? Really, must I seek sanity? Often so boring that. I little grit, a little edge, just a little crazy....suits me better.

  5. Heavens, be as crazy as you like, but like crossing your eyes too much, don't get stuck!


  6. Neon, thank you for your visit. I saw a dot in Estonia a little while ago.

    You may not know. I used to sing in a group connected to a local college. We called ourselves Unistus, meaning just what you might think, because it is an Eesti word.

    We specialized in Estonian music, especially the music of Veljo Toormis. We also did the entire Eesti Reekviem of Cyrillus Kreek.

    The group before I joined actually travelled to Estonia in order to participate in your summer Laulupidu. You see I know a little something about Estonia and honor your singing tradition. I know you guys sang to Russian tanks and got them to back down, great courage.


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