Saturday, March 6, 2010

What Holds Me Back

The erotic part of life is not logical, or rather, it has a logic all its own. I don’t really know what to do with it all except to move through it as it comes. That was then, this is now. Then I was a philosopher, all disciplined, later an engineer, patient with the needs of the design, then a member of the club, playing on the team, and now, now I am transported with the presence of your scent.

Sometimes I lack courage.

What Holds Me Back

I am aware how
this is so messy, a herd
of cat-like desires.
If I were to touch
you right there, I fear you would
turn blue hot flame, sear
my soul from this near,
change me to a dry dead thing,
show me as I am.

April 18, 2009 9:11 AM


  1. Erotic part of life: well put, the part that gets us in trouble, always leads to change.
    But the logical life has it's downside too, even though there is stability, secured reputation, a safe place to stay, everything predictable, safe, can be pretty boring if the other parts not there.
    There will be regrets on either side. You need both to feel good about a life.

  2. wow.
    Christopher, powerful, raw, and sad there in its resolution.


  3. Anthony, I hope I help others feel good about life.

    Erin, thank you. Loving you.

    Rachel :), you too Jozien.

  4. Oooh.



    ps word veri is!

  5. Michelle, wv is really wierd sometimes. You get the same almost sensible retort out of it that you get out of using I Ching. I think it a hoot that you got that twice out of three times this visit. Word Ver is an oracle.

    I am happy your new man is working out.


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