Monday, March 22, 2010

We Come And We Go

This poem speaks for itself, plainly enough.

We Come And We Go

Shall I be strong here
among the few of you who
shift and grow today
and hold together
in this odd bog of good words?

Will it change so soon?

Someone comes, then goes
for sound reasons could I know
but I am not told.
If this is like love
then war is closer to love
than I care to know.

There are so many
places to go in this swirl
of light, as just now
I found another
circle like this gathering
with their own true glow.

April 26, 2009 11:48 AM


  1. Such truth to this, Christopher, as it is with life, I suppose, none of us ever truly knowing the reasons.


  2. A blogger poem? So damn true....we come, we go, we come back :)
    Love you xxxx

  3. Sometimes we don't come back. I lost one friend completely. Lately many of you have found other things to do. While you are not gone exactly, you are not here the same. One friend says life is more compelling now. Another friend has passed through the challenge that brought blogging to the forefront and now is less involved. My niece claims blogger burn out after more than a decade and she is totally done. One of the things about blogging is that as a voluntary activity, no explanation is really necessary.

    I wrote this poem a year ago and it is even more true now. Blogging society is like the neighborhood bar but any intoxicaton is really strange, taking place in cyberspace. I am doing it too. For some odd reason I am unable to surf the blogs these days in exactly the same life where I had the time and energy before. I write almost no poetry too.

  4. Wow, Christopher. This one hits home for me right now. Blogging has been so important for me in my life over the last (almost) two years. I mean it has given me a place to heal and grow. And given me friends -- really close friends like you.

    Sadly I have to move on from my most recent blog because someone has been very threatening to me. I think to myself... "fine, just start again..."

    But it is so hard to let go of a place that feels like home.

    So yes, we come and we go...electronic impulses and usually no one knows the whole story... Just happens.

    I will send you a link to my new place soon. Thanks for always being such a steady, nonjudgemental friend.

    Loving You ;)

  5. Mmmm. Yes. A delicate ecosystem. After 2 years, I am still learning the navigation, being more selective about where I spend my time, aware of who uses, who rings false, who rings true. I am hungry for truth. I think I know him/her and then they are gone and I wonder if I really did at all.

  6. Annie, you may have known what they showed and what they showed was true enough, but not all of it.

    The intimacy here is like the intimacy of shared seats on the plane back home from a long journey, and you decide at that moment to be really frank about some things with this stranger. The relationship builds and the sharing is intense, mutual, but then the long flight is over. The plane lands. You say farewell regretfully but don't even ask for addresses because you know that's not part of this thing.

    The point of it was this moment.

    Now it's over.

    Breaking out of this pattern will take some energy and cooperation with the others. Then if you ever do get face to face, you will find out if there really is enough there in the rest of it for friendship or more.


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