Friday, March 5, 2010

Telling Lies

This would be the Gray Jay I met in Canada who tried to steal my sandwich as I was sitting there with it but looked away for a second. He did a fly by and missed but not by much. He did not look dangerous at all before he tried. This would be the raccoon on my roof. This would be the possum who lived in my garage for quite a long time until I figured out how he did it. I knew he was there, just not where. I was cleaning up his poop all the time. This would be a basic strategy amongst all the kingdoms. It is only we humans who put great stock in what we call integrity and think there is a code. The rest of our partners come by integrity in very different ways. And they have integrity. There is no question. I love them for it.

The magician is a liar in his way. So are all the fantasists who entertain us. The carnies name us marks and take our money and we don’t seem to mind. I love pro wrestling for the blatancy of their shtick. One of the more fun sites on the internet is the one where you get to learn the lingo, the way they talk about their stuff and about their fans.. Once you learn the real rules, you can relax and enjoy the tremendous gymnastic display. Those guys work really hard to make what they do look dangerous in one way when it’s not but avoid the real danger that is there. You can’t be a pro wrestler unless you can take the pain. If you get that far, listen to them talk. Many of them are actual educated men. I guess I have this attitude because my uncle was a pro, may he rest easy now. He was also an artist, a good one. So when you look at lies and liars be careful. There may be areas in your life where you really depend on the lies people tell.

It may actually be true that we cannot live without at least some exaggerations and minimizations, white lies, we call them. I think they are quite necessary in most marriages, but in the best marriages they are tools of last resort.

Telling Lies

I love telling lies
to you, great windy pillows
where you rest your trust
while I stroke tender
places you've left in my care
for my purposes
for my advantage
as I keep my eyes ever
peeled for more chances.
I keep your eyes off
my plans with my distractions.

Don’t you find me out.

April 18, 2009 8:35 AM


  1. How do i love this post :)
    And i love liers. Even if it sometimes takes me 20 years to get over a lie :)

  2. But, Jozien, my very good friend, be careful of the substitution of lies of lax character for lies of necessity. Some liars really are despicable people. When you cut yourself loose of absolutist principles then you end up in a zone that calls for the kind of integrity that you can find in the wild four footeds. As humans, we have to regain that quality of inner truth we call integrity despite our chosen poses. We have lost it to culture and no longer come by it naturally. This is actually a relatively recent event in human history. Our integrity was carried in the village or tribe, fiefdom, fraternity or guild for the most part up until the onset of the modern era.

    To lose that cultural integrity before we evolved a sufficient replacement is probably an inevitable part of our overpopulation but is also the seed of the planetary destruction that we continue to court and have since the mutual assured destruction that appeared among us first in the Great War of the last century.

    There are only two creatures on the planet who behave like us, rats and ants. They too only do so when overpopulation in an area forces it.

  3. Well there you go, i am born in the year of the rat, so i am a rat. and i often feel like an ant.
    All in a to me positive way.
    Christopher, you say as humans we have to... I don't know. Really i am very sincere you know that. this topic very intersting, what you say very good.
    Opposite to a lie, the truth. Now i have no idea about the truth, soo...? :)

  4. There are lies and there are damn lies (and statistics). These are the former, I should think. Lies can be wonderful things.

    (I adore the last line of the poem!)

  5. The lies we tell ourselves do the most harm.*hugs*

  6. Cherie, thanks for stopping by.
    Loving you.

  7. Oh, I feel like this is me. Maybe I've put my trust in the wrong places (people?) too often. I can smell a lie, and I hate it.

  8. I always suspected
    that the pillow you laid
    beneath my aching head
    would crumble
    into a thousand dusty feathers
    one day
    Just for now
    I choose to believe...

    (word veri is allyzes LMAO! Surely not ALL!)

  9. Michelle :D. You are right. When that affair began for me in 1999 and I thought me the luckiest man in the world, I also knew it was going to really, really hurt. The question was, would the long shot turn out or not. I never put a number to it but I had to make a choice. I was going for the success because I couldn't stay in today without the background of success to hold today.

    But the smart money was on it ending badly for me and the smart money won. What I had was a good way out and enough of a willingness to remember I knew this bad end already. The old jailhouse saw applied: If you aren't willing to do the time, then you better not do the crime.

    I think undertaking a new love relationship has that quality. They fall apart in some way so often on the planet that if you start one, you had better know you can do the end without turning into some sort of monster.


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