Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm Already Taken

Here’s a poem about commitment. I wonder how many other things it is about.

I'm Already Taken

The wind and earth fought
over me but I belong
to the pale moonlight,
to starry rivers,
to the morning shine of sun,
to your warm rose heart.

April 15, 2009 12:58 PM


  1. A commitment to so many but the warm rose heart might know she/he rules.


  2. Nice poem... I can appreciate the sentiment... I wonder just how many mistresses a poet can have...


  3. I like "warm rose heart". Those who love me have rose colored glasses, rose hearts, and rose ears I think. I'm kindof a handful. Undeserving mostly.

  4. Vinisha, you may be right :)

    Thank you, Lucy.

    We aim for a warm blog...Jon, as a practical matter about one and a half for me. More than that gets way too complicated. A half?? Heh. I am not going to explain. As a poetic posture, 472 at last count.

    W&W, I will not stand in the way of your vision of yourself. I wonder though if I checked with others if they would see you as you do.

    Ghost, my friend, I have had many Catholics in my life at critical moments and long term too, since I married one. A Catholic Nun gave me my first grown up job. Catholics awarded me my college degree. My very first girlfriend was Catholic. I am decidedly not Catholic and never have been. I have wondered about the Catholics in my life but never came to any conclusions.

    I like Holy Mary very much, however. I will say if I were to choose a Christian cloak, then I would accept it from Christian monks devoted to Mary. I think these are only found in Catholic circles.

    The Mother of God is one of my Mistresses. 473. I didn't think of her.

  5. Your poem stirrs much in me, thinking back on being taken and yet allowing rivers to pluck me from the earth. Much to consider there. And then I kinda laugh at Annie up there as I know her kinda difficult, as I am too. Hey Annie, you might be a little difficult but your beautiful is worth hanging in there for. I'm sure they know this.


  6. All you difficult women need to support each other :)

    My overall sense of you guys is that you are too tender concerning stuff that we "sensitive" types easily overlook when beauty happens to shine our way. Unless you mean nagging. :)

  7. :D Michelle, not you. I know you would never nag.

  8. Your warm rose heart

    There was a place, once,
    where you whispered close, dark things,
    mysteries and embroidered words;
    and there was a place, once,
    where I dreamed I knew
    the answers. Now it’s as if
    you speak a half-forgotten tongue,
    encrypted by ill-use
    its poetic rhythm dancing
    Mediterranean songs across my ear,
    their meaning irrevocably lost.

  9. Lost Clarity

    At that time, under
    that younger yellow sun's light,
    in that noon moon's rise,
    in the first quarter,
    I thought you heard me clearly,
    would have sworn it so.

    The way you are now,
    I know you have changed. Your heart
    beats another beat,
    and my tongue twists up
    as I try to say simple
    things I need to say.


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