Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What I Do

Things get a little weird out my way. Here is a little story that illustrates how it is…

"Once Huangbo and another monk were on pilgrimage. They came to a wide stream, almost a river, and planted their staffs, standing on the bank silently, watching the water go by. Finally the monk hiked up the skirts of his robe and walked across, gliding on top of the water like a sailboat.
Huangbo muttered in disgust, "If I'd have known you were like this I'd have never agreed to go with you!" and he turned around and went on his own way."
- Norman Fischer

Recently time has come up, as in not enough. We know that the very fabric of space/time is expanding, that things are getting farther apart on the largest scales because this is so. It is said that no matter where in the universe you stand, if you measure things you will get the same result, that everything is moving away at the largest scales. Not only that, the farther things are away, the faster they go. Even worse, for the math and science to work, there had to be an inflation in this process, where things moved much faster, then slowed down. That happened early on. Now it appears that the rate is stable. Things farther away appear to be going faster because every location in space/time is expanding. The rate everywhere seems constant. What is behind this is what is called dark energy and it is a very large portion of all that is. The reason that things farther away are going faster is that we see these things through longer expanding space/time distances. Farther away equals more expansion equals higher apparent velocities. These velocities are so high that light is shifted toward the red. That means that a significant percentage of the speed of light is involved in the velocities of the farther objects. There are no blue shifted objects except for those within our local galactic cluster.

There are people who speak of time these days and suggest that time is speeding up. This might be related. However there are others who suggest that we are heading down a funnel of some sort and time is being compressed. Something like that. They say that 2012 is the smallest part of the throat and then time will start easing off and we will find the pressure come off us a little, maybe a lot, if we survive.

Here is another way I know to not have time. Things get a little weird out my way.

What I Do

If I had the time
I would give you such complete
love you would lift off
the ground just amazed
at the lightness in the air
and the glow of me
as I hold you up.
But I don't have any time
nor any money,
nor do I have breath
since I smoke so much, and drink
and get thrown in jail.

March 28, 2009 2:21 PM


  1. no time?
    out of breath?
    just now
    when i need you most
    you are denying me that?
    still i know
    when i do survive
    this 'speeding out of control' day
    i will be okay

  2. Do you have some more information on this? I read this and it seems surreal but interesting. :)

  3. What is it Michelle always says? Oh,yeah. snort!

    This makes me think of a Matchbox Twenty song: "I'm not crazy; I'm just a little unwell."

  4. Vinisha, not much more information. I have heard it from two distinct sources and several fuzzier directions. I think the idea is really interesting and is my favorite take on the 2012 phenomona. That's what's really happening :D Or not. Check on my sidebar Quantum Spirit Time Acceleration if it is still there or go to that site and find it in the archive.

    {{{Jozien}}} Why is it we always need what we obviously are too late to have?? :D I need you too.

    Karen, you don't take my drunken self very serious :) Maybe you have had too much practice seeing through things...

    Or maybe you have not much interest in speculative science. There is equal difficulty in accepting dark energy because it is such a huge quantity of "influence" or whatever you want to call the equivalent mass of something that is massless but is subject to E=mC2. But cosmologists are forced by the equations and certain measurements. If time is everywhere speeding up for everyone there is some difficulty in measuring the differences. That we may register this speedup as increased stress is intriguing.

    The rabbit hole exists! This is one of the three impossible things I shall accept before breakfast today.

  5. Ah, you have time to love. Time to love completely even! It is like a wish at the beginning of the poem that you then deny yourself in the end. Quick, harsh judgement. You even love well here...within these words.

  6. Well at least I have drunken bravado...:)

  7. Karen stole my snort!

    I will see that snort and double it!

    I love this, made me smile...


  8. I especially love a woman who snorts :)

  9. Hello, dear Christopher. Thank you so much for the beautiful poem you left at my site. Today was a day when I really needed it. The day was bad. Then you came along and made it good. You always seem to know when I need it most. It brightens up my day. Thank you, my friend.

    Now for this poem. I love it, of course. It makes me sad and reaches into my soul and does everything a poem should do. That pivot from the lightness to harsh reality is very powerful.

    A friend always complains to me about all the things she wants to do if only she "had the time." She thinks her lack of personal accomplishments are her family's fault. In reality, she diddles around for hours on Facebook every day. Your poem makes me think of that. We often blame time for our lack of doing. I'm guilty, too. Maybe it's fear.

    I also enjoyed your discussion. Anything to do with the universe and time fascinates me. As the old saying goes, the more I know, the more I know that I don't know a damn thing. Or something like that:)

  10. Thanks for visiting. I'm glad you liked the poem. You will see it again sometime here, perhaps a year from now or a little more.

    As for this universe, it is just so goddam BIG! That allows room for some really weird shit.


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