Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Garden

Really interesting. This life never fails to amuse me, if not today, then tomorrow. Tonight is better than last night was. I am much less exhausted. I am struggling to keep my blog visits though. I don’t have the time at work or the energy at home. I have a reader. I get the time to read, just not the time to comment. So I am happy to report to my blog friends, I am staying up with you, at least a little.

My Garden

I am not a real
gardener because I leave
stuff alone, where it
finds root without me
and call that good enough, then
defend as if I
chose those plants in those
places, as if I could plan
better than God plans.

April 7, 2009 11:07 AM


  1. The best gardens to me are the ones we leave alone. They Tend to be more interesting than the ones we think we control.

  2. Please don't worry, it's lovely to see you as and when, but taking care of yourself is more important, and this should never be a source of guilt or pressure. We have to keep saying it to each other, dont' we?

    I like that poem so much.

  3. Love the metaphor here and what it implies.

  4. I am a lurker too. I some times find it very hard to put into words what I am feeling. Liked the poem it seems to sum up my life.

  5. Anthony, Hmmm. This reminds me of the farmer standing by his fence and the salesman driving by stops, impressed at the verdant field and fat sassy cows. The salesman says, "Wow, what a beautiful field that you and God have produced!"

    The farmer says, "You shoulda seen it when only God had it."

    Lucy, that is kind of you to say. I wonder if it is really time. The power has gone out of the experience. I was getting it all in before. Now I really do have to conserve as you say. So it's energy loss somehow.

    Karen, good to have your comment.

    I look on Feedjit here and the other counters on other sites. Most visitors lurk. I wonder if the readers register. I use Google Reader and suspect that when I read there, I am not registered at the blog. I think we are much more widely read than we can know. I have occasional contacts world wide and it appears that at least forty a day check my site out.

  6. These are the best kinds of gardens.


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