Monday, February 22, 2010

What Happened Just Before I Spoke

I have gone and slipped between worlds again. I spent my day trying to untangle the information left me to do the final set of drawings for a modernization we made to the Premium Cracker line last fall. I am working on the power and control drawings, the wiring and equipment involved. These drawings are called “as built” drawings. This is very tedious work. Soon I will go to the chiropractor and while there I will get a massage. Right now I am contemplating this poem I wrote last April, in the morning. I wrote this in remembrance of other times and places. I guess I was feeling my oats, as they say. I am certainly too worn out to be the mage of this poem today. I have had better days.

What Happened Just Before I Spoke

My incantation
could do deep harm, as you say,
and I shall take care
when I utter words
of power. I stand firm in
my concern that worlds
will not be shattered
because of me when I speak
in tongues of bright flame.

You walked away. I
began. You shook your shaggy
mane, your tail at me.

April 07, 2009 8:50 AM


  1. I feel your melancholy Christpher and enjoyed the poem, the alternate views of the same pooch so to speak. We had a drink together on Saturday Night. A friend and I stopped at a Wine Bar with live riffs hailing us from the walkway. There you were, hat and all, just lounging at the bar. Mind you, all I have ever seen of you is the profile pic, but it could've been you had you been in California. So I smiled, did a three finger wave and slugged one back in your honor.

  2. Hi, Christopher. It's just me reading. Awesome poem. And the last stanza just sizzles and pops. Fantastic voice. I hope your tomorrow is good...and full of magic.

  3. Annie, Thanks for saying hello Sat nite. That was my other twin brother. I have actually get that a lot in my life. I don't know what happens to other people but I am asked often if I have a brother or if I was somewhere.

    Thanks to you, Julie for your kind words.

  4. You were on some kind of roll during that part of April. I really like this whole series, the ones you have posted here.


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