Sunday, February 21, 2010

Choosing My Way

This weekend was tax weekend for me. I am grateful for my good habits. It mainly means working Quicken to sift my records. This cuts the time in tenths I believe. I get done in one day what would take ten. My other good habit...I don't chase money. Even though I get money back and know I do, I don't need it to live. I am not rich but I am also not broke. Thank God. This lets me ease up completely. I am not squeezing the dime, not cheating because I must, not even a little worried.

I did all the readying of the program, getting it up to date last week. I did all the dirty work this week. I didn't have time to finish. I will efile next week. The money will become my retirement contribution this year. That's the end of that.

There are people would shake their heads at the way I don't maximize every last dime. I find my wastage completely worth my peace of mind. Fuck money. Let my boss be the half crazy millionaire with all the big stuff and latest gadgets. I will make my wage that is good enough and let it go.

I would rather not have to deal with this shit.

Choosing My Way

I can tell you've gone
into the back woods again
by the tracks you've left
as if placed for me,
thoughtfully, or else I will
follow young ravens
you sent here for me,
trusting they will call the sun
to give me your light.

April 6, 2009 12:42 PM


  1. beautiful poem :)
    and i hate to say, i am still working on my taxes, i do little bits every few days, gosh i wish i had some of your organized ways.
    i don't chase the money either, so i wonder why i do it, well it's fear, most money i make i don't pay taxes over when i get paid by my clients, because it's through my so called own business. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. No. :) I buy Turbotax and Quicken. I enter my stuff into Quicken basically weekly so that my books balance each week. I did this when I was my own business. I do this now that I am a wage earner. That's because as a householder with a rental in the back 31% of my utility costs are direct expenses against rental profit. So are 31% of my yard work expenses, property tax and insurance direct expenses. So are any repairs on the the rental and all such. That is why my mother set it up this way when she was here retired.

    So I do have to keep careful track. The rest of it is computer driven and that's what makes it possible to do in one day. I don't have to hunt up the records because they are organized in the program. But that takes doing it every week.

  3. Once I stopped chasing money my life became so much more mellow. I pay attention but I don't let it rule me. Life is way too short. LOL

  4. Yes, Debra, and more...Money twists you if you are not really careful. See all the trouble people get into when they succeed all of a sudden. Celebs and pols have this risk especially. It is also what makes "old money" distrust "new money". People often regret winning the lottery.

    I knew a guy went on Wheel Of Fortune, one of the game shows and won a whole bunch. He didn't realize the tax issues and apparently they didn't tell him so he could understand. I don't really know what they did tell him. Later he had to sell off pretty much all he had won in order to pay his taxes because they ballooned right along with the inflated values reported to the IRS concerning his winnings.

  5. Love that you live like this. I find money and these squeezing times draining. Unfortunately I live at the end of making due and must squeeze to get by. I like your way although it is two steps toward luxury for me, but then this is my making, so I must like my own way as well. Yes, I do, really. So here, I stop with my complaints.


  6. Yes, there was definitely something going on in your writing at this time. Here is another gem, one that speaks to my own heart.

  7. Rachel, Thanks for visiting. I miss our "dueling poems".


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