Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What Our Life Is, Double Vision

Relationships. Does anyone know how to do them? I know that when you have easy people that it is far more possible to have good relationships. My last relationship was easy. It still ended. This next poem is about having storms in relationships.

What Our Life Is

I get a little
more tired each time we do this
but that's how it is
and I love you so
much that I don't really mind.
That's what our life is,
this storm that's right sized
even though it takes a bit
more that's not replaced.
Someday one of us
will not be here, the other
will grieve then for sure.

February 6, 2009 9:24 PM


I really love romance. I am a sucker for it. Given half a chance I start one up. I am happiest believing in love's power. It is no question true that magic is more likely to work when I am deeply in love. I have also known deeply how steep the cost. I am still a sucker for it.

Double Vision

All it takes is everything.
No half measures in the mix.
When my lover says take me now,
there is nothing left to do

but to continue walking up
the ladder to the ledge,
to see the view, to breathe in,
then make the approach.

Behold the result, an excellent
swan dive into the deep end.
But this is the way of memories.

In the world now I'm just the guy
in the back room punching buttons.

February 6, 2009 9:43 PM


  1. Christopher
    I am definitely into this post and the poems. I find it interesting how we as bloggers/poets/writers tend to get on subjects that connect or at times could cross reference.

    I just did a relationship post/poem this afternoon...Love your approach and appreciate your ability

  2. Are you sure we're not the same person???



  3. It's so strange that I do not think of love/loving all the time, since I've been married to the same man for most of my life. I think it's because I am so secure in this relationship that I don't think about it much. It's as natural to me as breathing. The thought that does take my breath away, though, is his mortality. I cannot even think of his being gone.

  4. Linda, glad you commented. I will take a look.

    {{{Michelle}}} I hope not. I wouldn't know how to act being you.

    Karen, I was in your lifestyle from 1972 until 1993 when we had a trainwreck. But it started failing in 1981. Even with the relationship a dingy place, it is remarkable how secure it is. We didn't actually separate until 95, and were finally divorced in 97.

  5. From one romantic to another-- yes, I know what you mean about the fatigue of the storm. And falling for it, the promise of romance, though I have an uncanny knack for falling thoroughly in love with people who don't love me back 100%. I like the first poem best; something in it caught me.

  6. Rachel, I think it may be hard to find someone who loves with the same intensity and quality and at the same time as you do, loving you back. I have always accepted that one in a relationship will love more or less than the other as a rule.

  7. I know I can't do a relationship with the thought already planted that someday we will not be together. My hubby and I went through a very tough time last year and have spent this year healing and are in a better place than before the trauma. Of course we have each been seeing therapists for a year. There are never any guarantees and we are healthier with no expectations, so things are amazing now. Solid and real and unlike any relationship I have ever been in and I am so thankful. Personally, I do not want any more big storms, but enough spice to keep it interesting.

  8. TB, I am happy to hear that you have a partner brave enough to keep looking forward no matter who it takes to help in the process. It is easy to duck the work, even if a person vows to stick long term in the relationship. That is the story of our relationships in earlier times when divorcing wasn't a good option. Staying together doesn't necessarily enforce finding a healthy relationship. Good relationships arise in good character, and good character arises in unflinching honesty. But flinching is often intuitively right. We are trained into honesty at the depth we need. It is not usually natural. Neither is the depth of love required natural. Look what working at it can do.


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