Monday, August 17, 2009

The Street Tribe, The Way Out

It is of course possible that among all the street tribes there are some people who are capable of and enter into shamanic spaces. Some of these without the support of elders may actually achieve elevation. I do not believe many. And some of these may actually lift other street people so that they begin to express themselves consciously by making and accepting spiritual marks. The keynote there is "consciously".

On the other hand, unconscious expressions of spirit abound. That is more or less surefire proof for whatever it is that Carl Jung called the collective unconscious. And he is right in this: if you do not bring this expression of spirit to conscious integration, then any expression of spirit is driven by inner forces and does not require any understanding. That integration he called individuation, and more spiritually minded people call it "awakening".

The Street Tribe

Street tribe people mark
themselves and many other
things with nonsense, lost
in time, yearning for
the truth of their distant kin
who did the same with
meaning and open
hearts for God and Mother Earth,
for Moon, stars, for love.

February 6, 2009 3:10 PM


What follows is the story of my whole life. I have not one time been successful at deciding my fate and then going after it. I have tried, like deciding I would go to West Point and then doing it, but really my whole life has been run by meaningful accidents (the hand of God) that happen as I try to go my chosen way.

And then there have been other obvious choices in my life, seen by mothers and teachers and those kinds of people noticing my talents, and there was no way I could drive myself in those directions. I could not do it. One example of this, Mom thought I should be a head librarian or an actuary. Both of these jobs ultimately lead to six figure incomes (when, for example, the library is Philadelphia or New York).

I would act like I chose to refuse because I wanted to be seen as choosing, but that was a lie and I knew it at the time. It is a long term effect of all these experiences that I am sure that destiny is a viable concept, viable for me and for people like me. I have followed my destiny, but not really by choice, instead by acceptance.

The Way Out

I wanted to be.
I yearned for the good and wise.
You said, not enough.
That crushed me. Something
inside me rebelled, struggled,
sought escape from this
aching joint you left
me to deal with from here on,
then you showed me what
it was I could do,
said, here's a different way,
do that, and I have.

February 6, 2009 4:07 PM


  1. Thank God for free choice. Other people's views of us are still seen with their own perceptions. Once we make choices, no sense going back to wonder..... On with it. Sounds like that is what you did. There is always a different way if we are willing to see it.

  2. Yep...kicking and screaming, but yep.


  3. You woke me up
    why did you do that
    I was almost content
    dying in that bottle
    believing I was alone
    now look, I am
    wide awakened
    always with you
    I came here for that


  4. TB, There certainly is a different way, there certainly is free choice, but perhaps not as much as one would believe.

    I have noticed my life having long stretches of not much to choose and then critical moments with tipping points in them. Miss the moment, miss the point.

    I know who you are talking to. :)

    Love you girl.

  5. Re: The Way Out

    As life stories go, it's a pretty satisfying one; sometimes destiny is only worthwhile when it is accepted. You could add at the end, "and then I wrote a whole bunch of really good poems for people to take part of"... :)

  6. There are unsmiling faces in fetters and chains
    On a wheel of perpetual motion
    Who belong to all races and answer all names
    With no show of outward emotion
    And they think it will make their lives easier
    But the doorway before them is barred
    And the game never ends when your whole world depends
    On the turn of a friendly card
    No the game never ends when your whole world depends
    On the turn of a friendly card

    turn of a friendly card
    Alan Parson's Project

  7. I was talking to someone just today about the collective unconscious, and came here to read your post on the same.

    Have we lost the connections? I'm not sure that some of us aren't still searching for them with every breath.

  8. Joseph, you have learned how to make a really fine compliment. You slipped that one right in past my compliment avoidant self.

    GD, if you embodied (I know you prefer your ectoplasmic ether) and allowed such a thing, I would give you a huge hug.

    Karen, I take much of Jung's slant on things quite seriously but I don't hang out with Jungians. I understand that Jung really didn't want Jungians, was not much interested in a school of Philosophy/Psychology. He was too individualistic for that. I also was really happy with the life and work of Joseph Campbell. You could spend a great deal of time with the legacy of these men and profit greatly from your study.

  9. of all your work, perhaps this is the one that I relate the most to my life.

    furthermore I must agree with you that at the tipping point, the moment becomes a stream, in which the point, floats away, only leaving you an incapable feeling.


  10. Christopher - I've read Bill Moyer's book on Campbell. The Power of Myth is transformational, I think.

  11. JRS, Thanks. I don't know whether to congratulate you or commiserate with you that you find ANYTHING in your life relating to mine. I suppose it is good to know one is not alone. On the other hand...

    Karen, that is a good book on Campbell. I found out the same as Mr. Moyers, that Joseph was far more dynamic and fun in person. He was best known for being able to speak and live his vision. People loved him. He loved them back.


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