Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Syncopated Truth

I'm a derelict
of my own making, a hoot
of the departing
owl in that fable
you told me of an aging
rocker in retort.

A northern forest
full of critters in the band
who double up on
parts, fatten the tune
while I syncopate on drums
I beat with my hands.

February 8, 2009 1:17 PM

I just got back from jury duty, a two day case of hit and run with injury, guilty. Things have been a little sideways that way. Thanks all for your comments.


  1. This paints such a picture Christopher......One of my favorites

  2. We can be both, we are both...I know I am....I can be here answering the phone and smiling at idiots, all the while knowing I am there, in the forest, dancing under the moon beating that drum with my bare hands.

    How else can we survive the rest of it?


  3. Maybe way off track there, but that's where it took me :)

  4. Karen, some days you wish you were a mouthy aging rocker who goes into the woods of the heart and there beats drums for the critters in the band? It's not all that by any means, you know.

    Linda, thank you for having favorites.

    Michelle, of course we are both. The questions are always and ever, how to balance, and how much does the inner life spill out all over the other more ordinary stuff. If you decide to let it all hang out and you do that really well, then sometimes the rest of us support your trip and you get to be a rock star or novelist or something. That presents another whole set of troubles.

  5. Yes, Christopher, some days I do. Walk a mile in my shoes?

  6. Oy, jury duty...

    I'm forced to agree with Karen. It sounds like the sweet life. :)

  7. D'ya guys know what happens to yer hands in about three hours of hand work on drums? There's a reason that western drums went to sticks and it wasn't all about amplified sound.

    As for the trial, it was an exercise in the ritual of the law, and not a waste of time for that reason. The law is sacred and the rituals are important that way. It was a most likely guilty man declaring himself not guilty because he could. The defense didn't even present a case, just hoped the prosecution would screw up. How it developed, the defense looked like it would be vigorous but then as they got going the next day, it turned out the defense had no rebuttal case to present, just the closing argument. The guy sort of confessed the next day after the incident. It was very difficult for the defense to overcome that.


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