Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Know My Worth

I know you don't pick
me like I'm all important,
not to you I'm not,
not to anyone.
I know you give me more than
I'd ever deserve,
Not that I am less
But that there are so many:
you've so much to give.

Then I think again,
Know I am a sprouting seed
To you, yes I am.

February 8, 2009 11:27 AM


Somehow I have no extra words...


  1. i love this image... this is the way i always see love...

    love in any relationship is a sprouting seed... be it between two lovers, two friends, parents and their children,...

    love is a sprouting seed...

    and that's what makes it the most precious thing in the world, as it is growing all the time... we should not take it for granted... we should take care of it...

    and that's what makes it the most beautiful thing in the world as it is going to bear more leaves, flowers or fruits...

    and that's what makes it the most frightening thing in the world as it puts lots of resposibility on our shoulders...

    our worth is determined by the way we carry them...

    a very beautiful and deep work... as always you probe deep into the soul...


  2. i said any relationship... this includes the relationship betwen 'i' and 'me' and between 'us' and 'the one'...

  3. Well Christopher, you did it again.

    This made me feel humble.

    Yet aware of my own significance.

    You speak truth.


  4. This is like a prayer for this Sunday morning. Thank you.

  5. A sprouting seed means there is growth and that means there is good health. And you are right, no one should be all important to someone.

  6. human being, I so hope things are well with you and yours.

    Michelle, to me you have great significance, the Star Australis.

    Hi, Lucy. I loved your blue mood.

    Karen, thank you for saying so.

    TB, I actually go both ways on that one, depending on my insight's path. I am completely realistic much of the time. Yet I am hopelessly romantic and can see my beloved as the goddess.

    It is true exactly as you say. From dependency's sight, we are each far too small to bear another's burden. Yet from this other place where we see into divinity, there we find the soul in each other worthy of worship.

    I would pray that we each have that experience at least one time without disillusionment being the end result of love's loss. Love can end without its loss blackening the view. It has been so for me.

  7. Christopher, I am glad you see your worth. We all do.

    And I am glad you are hopelessly romantic, too. What a shame to spend life otherwise.

  8. You don't need extra words, dear Christopher. our imaginations will supply them.

  9. Erin, I hope I get to act that out one more time before I go. That special life is worth all it costs. It's getting kind of late. My dad had what he had, was not happy but stable at my age, doted on his daughter. My mom was kicked to the curb at my age, never had another though she looked a little.

    Ghost, thank you for packaging. Yes, whether transported from place to place or in the ground, naked is only for that special moment. :)

    Of course you will supply them, Rachel. I don't write more because I think you need more. I write more because I do. I heard that discussion back a ways. People were saying "mostly I don't like poetry introduced, but in the case of YOUR blog it's okay." I know that my writing has to be at least as good as the poetry most of the time. Maybe it is, maybe not. But I need to write.

  10. i like when you write about your poetry because it helps me understand how wrong you are about your poetry :)


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