Friday, April 10, 2009

What Happens Loving You, What I Did This Christmas

Christmas Day in my house is a quiet time these days. I have no family near by. My cat doesn't care, nor do I. There are no Christmas decorations out. I have them but haven't used them in years. My wife and I were collecting special ornaments and I still have them packed away but haven't put a tree up in years. However, my AA home group offers a Christmas pot luck. I always go to that. This year that meant someone came by and picked me up since the roads were impassable to ordinary vehicles. In the morning I read something written by Sharon Salzburg and it led to this poem.

What Happens Loving You

What happens loving
You, my soul becomes spacious.

I am like a small
Container alone.
The agues of life enter,
Dissolve like salt does,
I am embittered.

Now I'm so spacious, open,
I hardly notice.


After Christmas Day was done, I wrote this to record the day.

What I Did This Christmas

Feast among old friends
Who gather in the lifeboat
And will not let go.
Enfolded, embraced,
Seeing eye to eye in this:
Life is too precious,
Hearts too meaningful,
Souls too beautiful to lose:
I won't let you go -

If this is possible at all,
I will not let you go.


  1. :0) I like these....a lot!

    So few words

    Such an enormous meaning


  2. Oh Christopher...Beautiful
    The more you write the more I see the light in your soul....really

  3. This is such a beautiful reflection on living. As Linda said, you soul is, indeed, full of light.

  4. I have to stop commenting so early in the morning. I make so many typos! LOL

  5. Oh Christopher, the first one took my breath away and I couldn't concentrate on the second. I'll have to come back and read it separately. You've touched a nerve, one of the core beliefs I live by.

  6. What happens When You are Gone

    All these places in my soul
    your words filled
    like rain in spring
    soaking into the ground
    little by little
    filling me with hope
    feel empty now
    achy and dry
    cracking open
    longing for your return
    because sometimes
    I can not quite see
    the way myself
    and your words help.

    Christopher, hoping all is well with you. Missing you.

  7. Thank you for your comments. I have been ill but it is just misery, not life threatening. I am not back to speed yet, had to contact work online or I would not be here now...I am missing you all.


  9. (((Christopher))))
    Take care of yourself, ok?

  10. Thinking of you... get well soon!

  11. C ~ you have a beautiful light shining so brightly inside you.
    je taime~


  12. I Have Lost My Breath

    Inner space tells me
    I am too weary to go
    one more step this way
    and I fall face first
    as if I had no truth near
    my old swiss cheese soul,
    and none with true gift
    enough to send the white light,
    to illuminate
    my dusty life.
    Then this flock appears, angels
    who give me more than

    I deserve.

  13. You may have lost your breath, but you haven't lost your muse I see! :) Take care of yourself, dear one. I'm sure if any/all of us were geographically closer, you'd be inundated with potluck meals by now.

  14. I'm happy to see you are back with us. Yay!

  15. hey... how comes you edited my four entries saying exactly the same thing? sure it was a technical thing where when i used the arrows on my browser it kept resending the data..... in other words an accident.... but you didn't know that and it looked like i was having a hissy- fit..... since i was absolutely sure you would respond if i had a tantrum, i just left it..... kind of like an accidental piece of art or something...... or maybe more like being devious and manipulative.... behaviours i don't exhibit often but sometimes must be practiced in order to remain

  16. Hope you are feeling better, Christopher. Little by little? So nice to see a poem :)

    And yes, to Ghost Dansing:-) I loved seeing all four of the same comment! It was so perfect:-) Stomping feet perfection!

  17. ghost - I thought it was cool, too.

  18. Ghost, meeee toooo, buuuut it's myyyy bloooog. Pleeeez know I luuuv yuuuu.

  19. Get well soon, Christopher!! I'm so sorry you're feeling poorly. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words here. I also appreciate the wonderful poem you gave me, too. Thinking of you!

  20. all true predators display territorial behaviour tiger......

  21. Hope you're feeling better now.

    Love all those agues and salt and embittered...

  22. Ghost, Hahahaha!!

    Christopher... will you be back soon? You are missed!

  23. YOU deserve it all Christopher...contained to love joy and the experiences you want and need of course


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