Monday, April 27, 2009

How I Make It Work, Mauve Perfume

Where do these things come from? Well of course I shoot tangents off of other people and ideas I find, but here's the other part...

How I Make It Work

I shall fall into
The gap between now and now,
The pause in the pause.

This is how I make it work.
This is what I do these days.

When I come back - look!
Here's an entire green poem
Fresh from the white light.

December 29, 2008 7:47 PM


...and here's another version of the same loop.

Mauve Perfume

The soul of me, freed
By the feel of your pink voice,
Skims treetops at speed,

Headed for the solar wind
To tack there, dive deep, aim for
Mother earth, the core
Of me, the heat of my heart.

It's your mauve perfume.

December 29, 2008 9:09 PM


  1. I love these....particularly the Mauve Perfume.....alas because that is much of my philosophy:>)

    It kind of reminds me of a the pink..

  2. i like the imagery...
    i remember as a teenager/young adult feeling as if i had fallen into the gap 'in between' life's moments

  3. I want mauve perfume - mauved perfumed talc for preference!

    Obviously the soil in the gaps is very fertile stuff in your case...

  4. I love them both!
    I will fall into the pause in the pause, to find out the scent of the mauve perfume.

  5. Yes:) I like what Jozien said.

    There you go stopping time again, it seems. To slip between the seconds ticking...folding them back on themselves. Is this living in the moment? Or living within the moment?:) Or beyond the moment?

    I really like the idea of sound being daughter is somewhat synesthetic. She is always explaining to me what colors words and numbers are in her mind...

  6. Hello Linda, glad you are here.

    Nolly, I hope you don't mean it is an adolescent thing to outgrow...or else I will have to grow up and lose my poetry. Or maybe I am entering my dotage and just now reaching back to my teen years...

    Lucy, I think we are in a cultural divide...I can't think of anything but lilac talc. I wonder what you mean :)

    jozien, if anyone deserves the perfume, you do :)

    Faith, ever since it happened the first time, I try to remember the universal nature of that gap in things. It is not really stopping time, more like remembering the eternal depth of time. "Now" is the intersection. The closer you get to that intersection, the less is wrong right now...because exactly in the moment, all troubles are in the past or future, most of the time.

  7. I love them both, but my favorite is "How I Make It Work." Notice I always feel compelled to tell you I love them both when I pick a favorite? Lol! But I really do.

    "How I Make It Work" comes from that space in every poet's soul. Lovely last line.

  8. through those gaps always we can smell that eternal perfume..

  9. Julie, it's the gap in time where eternity intersects. That's where inspiration is.

    HB, you lead me to think of my Master Poet, Hafiz. As for the plight of Iran, perhaps in the longest term Persia is still on God's track, the bearer of the revealed insight into the cosmic order, Ormazd. The blockage cannot last.

  10. Like Julie, I love them both, but my favorite of the two is "How I Make It Work". That image of falling into
    "The gap between now and now" is one that does speak to me as a writer.

    The idea of the colors for other senses is intriguing, as well.

  11. Karen, I first ran into the gap as a fundamental instruction of LSD. It is not that there "really" is a gap, but that the continuity we intuit is actually not there when you look closely at cognition. In our inner space there is a limit to reactions. Consciousness is grainy in that and other ways. We are fine in moving pictures because we cannot distinguish the actual different frames. Thus beneath our trained consensus awareness there are real gaps. This is not metaphor. And yet as we intuit, we are in a deeper sense continuous.

    The intersection of eternity and time is in those gaps precisely.

    In Zen...First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is.

    To stop time in the present is to hold in the gap, is to enter the gateway of eternity.

  12. I think I would like being your girlfriend (not a proposition).....then again, maybe not :) You may drive me just as mental as my current 'enlightened' partner....

    I have been here reading, just too pooped to comment intelligently.

    I like the gap....need to go there more often lately

    I am babbling....


  13. Michelle :)

    I know it's not a proposition. How can it be? Cyberromance is possible I suppose but we aren't even in the same daylight, or season, or date, you in fall, me in spring. However I really like being loved.

    He who dies with the most love wins. :)


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