Thursday, April 23, 2009

To Start This Trek, Haunted

The man willing to take the journey in the first poem is the man of the second poem.

To Start This Trek

Terrible journey
From this place just to arrive
At your cottage door.
I need newer shoes
To start this trek through the wild
And a full pack strapped
Snug on my body
And I'll carry shelter too,
Which I will need twice.

I'll sing to spirits
I encounter on the way
That they let me pass.

All this in my heart,
Fear and hope and grit,
I don't know if you'll be home.

December 29, 2008 9:04 AM


One of the things I do is read for the double meaning. As far as I am concerned, loving a woman is not clearly distinguishable from loving God. I discovered that years ago when listening to popular music on acid, that it was often possible to hear the music as spiritual and aimed at God. Ever since that time I am able to have this kind of double vision. The best times of my life have been when I am in love with someone and equally able to know that I am loving God. That is why I know that for me God is equally Goddess.


I wake in empty
Space, in your scent left behind.
It's been years, but still
This happens to me.

December 29, 2008 9:22 AM


  1. Maybe,
    God is laughing and giggling
    with you,
    She loves scented happy endings,
    to a seemingly terrible journey.

  2. Both are beautiful, Christopher.

  3. Jozien, Thank you for your poem, which of course tells the truth.

    Faith, There is so much beauty.

  4. Oh goodness, Christopher, that second one...

    You could be speaking from my mind. Actually, it reminds me of the cat one I posted yesterday, the sentiment under it, but without the cattishness.

  5. Rachel, isn't it fun to find someone who seems to read your mind when you know they don't? That's just flat rare. You know I find you like that too. We are whole lifetimes apart and perhaps more but it's like I could have been you in some other life. People like this either get along great in real life or can't get along at all, because of course there are the real differences too.

  6. Hmmmmmm... there is so much truth in what you say in your second post re "in loving a woman... you are loving God..." - it makes so much sense that and in fact, one could take it a step further and say that to love another human is in fact an extension of loving God :)

  7. Cath, yes. I was not making a theology out of it. I was reporting what happens to me when I truly "fall in love". I wish I had that experience in my human encounters all the time. I guess I would if I was Buddha or Christ. It of course extends as is the sentiment behind treating strangers who come to your door as if they might be God or His Prophet (Islam says this) and to love your enemies as yourself (Jesus says this). And the Hindus salute each other "Namaste" which is loosely translated "I honor the divine in you".

  8. Haha, yes Christopher, if we met in person we'd probably drive one another crazy by reminding each other of all the things that bother us about ourselves. Hmm... there could be a lesson in that, too.

  9. ...and in love we shall surely rise again...


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