Thursday, March 3, 2016

In The Back Yard - Three Word Wednesday

A Barred Pymouth Rock Hen

Using the words Thom posted yesterday on Three Word Wednesday


I am finding it harder and harder to keep up with things even though I have simplified my life beyond all reasonable measure.

In The Back Yard

I want you naked,
an adjective I approve
in your case, sweetheart,
but you don't obey.

Just so typical, my love.

Your piercing presence
leaves holes in my craw
as I squawk out chicken sounds.

Then I peck for scraps.

‎March ‎3, ‎2016 5:04 PM

My friend Francesca decided she wants chickens in the back yard. She brought home two adult Barred Plymouth Rocks, one named Wrong Way and one named Glitter Pie. Wrong way promptly left the yard and has shown up a couple houses down where she continues to live as they want her too. Glitter Pie is happy here.

The Barred Plymouth Rock
was widely adopted and spread around the world. Through World War II, the Barred Plymouth Rock was the most common farm chicken in the United States and called by some “the Hereford of the poultry world.”


  1. very interesting details; and the verse absolutely beautiful!

  2. Glitter Pie is doing fine. She wanders the unfenced yard hunting the insect varieties we have for her. We know the insect level will drop. Wrong Way as far as we know has settled in a couple houses down. Why one chicken has stayed and one has strayed is a mystery for angels to work out.


The chicken crossed the road. That's poultry in motion.

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