Monday, March 7, 2016

The State Of Affairs - A Magpie Tale

The State Of Affairs

I would have sent you
one more letter but I get
no replies from you.
My buddy Tom says
he sees you at the letter
box holding something
like you're sending up
a prayer all too often
but you back away.
He says he sees you
pocket whatever it is
and shuffle on home.

‎March ‎7, ‎2016 5:55 PM

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  1. And wouldn't you like to catch her, buy her a pint and finagle out of her exactly what it is she's afraid of posting? ;)

  2. Hoping one day she finds the courage…


  3. I rarely ever find out what my characters think unless they tell me outright. I have learned over decades that it is smart not to pry.

  4. During such a time...courage could be all spent....but hope can pull it out of her pocket eventually....a lovely write Christopher!


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