Monday, March 21, 2016

Chess On The Street - A Magpie Tale

Chess On The Street

I'd like to leave you
over your never ending
chess play - obsession
is what our friends call
it - and then this girl shows up
and gives you fish eyes
while you sit and think
about how you might set up
mate within three moves.
Now I think I will
just sweep the board clean of you
and offer her sweets.

‎March ‎21, ‎2016 8:52 AM

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  1. this one makes me smile. And fish eyes is exactly right, isnt it.
    I keep looking at that photo, and suddenly realized that the boy on the right side appears to be the player, not the man sitting beside him. It may just be a trick of the camera, but the expression on his face is way more chess-player than the man to his right...

    1. I never thought differently. That's who is writing the poem - the boy.

  2. ah then I'm the slow one here. Once I realized it was the boy as the player I got the rest of it. =)

    1. Well... it is not typical for a player to sit to the side like that. My story telling mind has the man to the side being related to the boy.

    2. And to be thorough about it, the girl is probably his little sis.

  3. Clever write it! :-)

  4. And even cleverer, that kind of picture and poem make people think. Id agree, judging from the expression on the man's face, he's the dad and those two are his kids. Plus his ears match the little boy's--

  5. Especially like the ending. Well done.



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