Sunday, February 28, 2016

Flaccid-A Magpie Tale


The last time I posed
for you I was besotted
with inflated dreams.
I wanted more than
you could give and more than words
will give me ever.

That you would stand there
nude and with gentler sight lines
than I might deserve
causes me to ponder,
to consider, to chew on
things like old doorjambs
and tree stumps awash
in the flood of long long time
now that I am fat
and old.

‎February ‎28, ‎2016 2:40 PM

Hmmm. It's been awhile since I wrote a poem. It's been a while for other stuff too.


Oh and go here for the list of contributors.


  1. I enjoyed the poem and chuckled at your note!

  2. Replies
    1. The real saying around here is "chewing on table legs"...

  3. it may have been a while since you wrote a poem but, I think you did fine and the added humor made me smile.

    1. I was aiming for smiles. I often do, I notice, now that I have written so many and I no longer think of a poem as all that important. I used to think poems were important. Thinking like that just about guarantees that they are not.

  4. ;)

    both the painting and the poem made me smile

    1. I failed to mention that the painting provided by Tess is by Cesar Santos.


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