Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wooden Head No. 2

Wooden Head

I wanted to be
a real boy way back then
and got my damn wish.
I fell for you hard,
skinned in seventeen places
scabbed and sore, torn up.
Had I stayed in wood
there would have been bashed edges
and splintered corners
but no bloody skin -
you ran from me just the same.
You grabbed my heart, tore
it out of my chest
and it shattered as if wood
into twelve pieces.

‎January ‎6, ‎2015 3:35 PM

This is the second time I used the Pinocchio theme. I had forgotten the earlier poem, first written in 2009. The same theme.

To compare, if you want, you can go here:
Wooden Head

I think it might be interesting to see the evolution from one poem to the other.


  1. I liked the latter version better than the former...Your second one seemed to have more meat to it


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