Sunday, January 11, 2015

On The Last Day - The Sunday Whirl

Wordle 195 offered by Brenda for The Sunday Whirl

On The Last Day

One single list will
render my inky ass down
to the right channel
despite the bad smell
of the boys we all condemn.

Generate a sense
of the end.

I will
capitulate or you will be
smashed and smeared before
you reach the mid point.
That won't help my swollen heart,
my throbbing ennui.

‎January ‎11, ‎2015 3:06 PM

Hmmm.... Can ennui throb? My heart says yes but my head says my categories are crossed. I suppose this is not the first time for that.


  1. Yes you're allowed to cross the categories.

    1. Nice of you to give me permission. Thank you for that.


The chicken crossed the road. That's poultry in motion.

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