Monday, January 12, 2015

Wherever You Go - A Response

Wherever You Go
There You Are

Getting more shit done,
that’s the name of this sludge farm
and I will join up
because there’s nothing
else I can find to do now.

You revise, revise,
again and again
you've revised your revision.

You know how I feel?
I feel like I am
the other guy all revised
shiny and sunny
and newly minted
but underneath it’s all sludge
you know – scrape the shine
and you find the crap.
Same old, same old, oh my God,
I’m just gonna die.

May 17, 2014 9:33 PM

Last spring we collaborated, Irene Toh and I. We wrote poems back and forth, mostly she starting and me responding, but then some of the work spilled over from blog post to blog post. Irene is of Chinese descent and is native to Singapore. I am of course a guy born in California, currently living in Oregon. Irene and I are in daily contact as is so easy to do these days.

If you want to see Irene's poem, then go here: Orange Is A Fruit

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