Saturday, January 10, 2015

There's More To It Than That

Have you ever got this letter? Or sent it? I have. Both. What bullshit. There is no way to put it that isn't.

There's More To It Than That

You send me letters
of explanation, sky blue
paper and purple
ink, scented as in
satin, letters to explain
why we'll just be friends.

‎November ‎22, ‎2010 7:38 PM


  1. Line by line
    you find that inner place
    of mine
    and you sure know how
    to break me
    up and down
    in and out
    you take me from ecstatic
    to elastic stretching to break
    snap crackle and pop
    you stop me dead in my
    be friends?
    you got to be fucking kidding
    I'll have you
    or no one else will
    how do you like that

  2. beautiful poetry has come from it, is all that i can see here.

  3. For the English as Second Language (ESL) speakers - there is usage which is critical in the context of this poem. "Dear John" letter is a generic identification for the letter that severs one's love relationship. Typically it happens to a man (hence John) who is away from home for a sufficiently long time, perhaps in the military or serving a prison term. I don't know how widely known this phrase is and if you don't "get it" whether the poem and image carries the same punch.

  4. This reminds me of a character in Orhan Pamuk's My name is Red, a woman, who writes a man who's been in love with her for ages a long letter telling him why she felt insulted by his absurd feelings and why they would never be together.

    I guess there are many reasons for two people to be just good friends. Only someone who loves you dearly will take the time to explain.


    I got here by accident, a happy one I must say. I'm fascinated by every word I read within the last half an hour, and will come back for my own good, not yours at all.


    1. The happy accident - serendipity - one of my favorite words. You are welcome here on purpose however you came. I hope you do come back "for your own good". There is plenty in the archives, God knows.


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