Sunday, June 8, 2014


Tape recorder by TEAC offered by Tess Kincaid, a writing prompt for Magpie Tales

Wordle 164 from Brenda Warren's Sunday Whirl
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Stomping on my existence,
no plain language here,
muffled by background -
my mind's not right, will sizzle
with paranoia.
Read the damn numbers
and get the times straight, between
seven and ten o'clock.
Right there, on that mark,
that's the place it starts, with one
big fat clear hello
from you, the single
sound, so much vocal power,
the rest no matter
how often I go
back over this antique tape
I can't get things clear,
I guess not ever.

‎June 8, ‎2014 1:36 PM


  1. Stop-starting a tape to replay over and over makes any mind sizzle...

  2. Don't speak

    Just a random
    They're watching me
    You say
    Looking over your sholder
    Without moving
    Your head
    See what I mean
    You say
    They listen don't speak
    You say
    Looking over your sholder
    Without turning your head
    Just a random tuesday
    Trust that
    You say
    I listen back
    Just don't speak
    They think
    It's just another
    Random Tuesday

    Chris McQueeney

  3. I understand... I fill like I've been there, but not with a tape!

  4. My, tape is vintage or antique now...look how far we've come, except for the digital surveillance you speak of that is going on now.

    1. Did someone else speak of digital surveillance? I don't see anywhere that I did. It is certain that no one in the tech first world uses tape any more though some third world groups might.

  5. I enjoyed your writing a lot and the subject.

  6. Does paranoia sizzle? It can burn I guess so sizzle must be on the cards. Intriguing write.

    1. I will not go too far into long term amphetamine use and its consequences. I flatly deny it... However, from what people have told me, the rapid paranoia bubbles and heat of the white dope head is beyond anything from anywhere else. Try watching Johnny Depp playing Raoul Duke in "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas".

  7. I particularly liked the middle part of this poem '...right there on the mark/that's where it starts...' - great rhythm and half rhyme :)

  8. As ever, you people are very kind. Thank you.

  9. I think you just did..loud and clear..the very best of us have not quite right minds..what would we write if we didn't..hello to you too ;)

  10. it's like over and over, you aced your thoughts from reel to reel!

  11. I can hear that big fat clear hello...savvy write as always Chris...


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