Thursday, June 5, 2014

Accusations - For Red Wolf Poems

Circe as painted by George Romney

For a really thorough treatment of Circe go to this website. You remember her. She caused Odysseus a good deal of trouble. She was his pleasure too. He took her to bed. As I remember, she was reluctant to let him go.

Wordle #19


Foregrounding can't be
real no matter how bricked
up you make it, or
curve it, it's not docked
on the waterways, murky
or not. It's a pouf
of a word.

Might be
art though. I searched all through
the brush and found some
technical usage
or other edifice, yes fice
(I would have thought face-
not doing so well, doll)...
So it is a word after
all - not to wallow
in the used spirals
of the seldom, the sparkling
truth in their venom.

surface like an otter does,
like a painter paints
then dies a wanton
slave to ropes which coil his head.

(I'm dissecting this
as we go, you know.)

My boat won't kill green patches
on your vision
even were you Circe,
that grand witch I love. She'll float
my heart forever.

I'll strip this palette
bare - not roil on and on, on
as if my soda
keeps its fizz all night.
Remember what Tricky Dick
Nixon said and said:
I am not a crook!
Well, neither am I, Sweetie.
Neither then am I.

June 4, 2014 10:21 PM
Written for Red Wolf Poems, We Wordle #19


  1. Giggles. The parenthesis bit got me. I'll need to read it again tomorrow. So you and Circe are good. She's the good witch I think.

    1. If being bewitched is good then I'm good. I hear I risk being transformed into one of a herd of swine.

  2. Not if you're Odysseus, who's protected with antidote. Art is also an antidote you know.

    1. I am no Odysseus. I was given no antidote. I doubt what I do is art. Oh well...

  3. Well you are positively human.


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