Monday, September 2, 2013


I am out of sorts
but not only me it seems
as I wandered off
the reservation
and here's what I saw out there:
I saw the clockworks
open and stalled and then
some dude comes along, adjusts
something, I don't get
what or how that worked,
pulls the seams closed, stomps the catch
and then he walks off
whistling happy tunes.
Who the hell was that masked man?

No, really. It's true.

‎August ‎31, ‎2013 11:16 PM


  1. How singularly remarkable! Cogwheels? Newtonian, deterministic thinking? Predictable, stuck in a rut, prejudiced thinking. Who is it that closes the seams? The Ego, Akamhara, and his invisible, masked friend, Denial.


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