Sunday, September 1, 2013

At The Tree - A Magpie Tale

The image is presented as the current creative writing prompt by Tess Kincaid of The Mag. The artwork is by Jeannie Tomanek, her own website or on FaceBook. In her own words, much of Jeannie's artwork comes from her exploration of the feminine archetype.

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At The Tree

The egg has broken
wide, spilled and spreads at the tree
of my undoing
where you perch, my love,
where you sit my royal love
like some songbird might
as I slink away
with my churlish shape so formed
from long heavy use,
pretentious poser
of dancing motes of starlight
entranced and enjoined.
The window behind
you has opened but neither
of us fits inside.
God stands near the ledge
and whispers His words too low
for you or for me.
Is there nothing else
that I can do with you now?
Nothing left to do?

September 1, 2013 8:53 AM


  1. this, esp
    'the window behind you has opened but neither of us fits inside'
    brilliant write xx

    1. Thank you for that. That window is either too far away and large enough, or close enough but too small.

  2. oh, but you will hear him if only you listen harder

  3. I really like the phrase, the tree of my undoing". And your last line is so very sad.

    1. I like that phrase too. As for the last three lines, it is possible they are very sad, but it is not yet certain. I am after all a pretentious poser of dancing motes of starlight. How honest can I be? My shape is churlish out of heavy investments over the long term and I am slinking away. As I slink away, here it is I ask these questions...

      I am interpreting nothing, simply restating the poem except to question my own honesty, the me who lives in the poem. And who the hell is that, or she who is in the tree for that matter?

    2. I presume the bird is stressed by the eggs.

  4.'s a music.

  5. dancing motes of starlight
    entranced and enjoined

    Exactly what we all need to be! :)

  6. Oh yes, I think there is plenty for them to do! Very lovely....

  7. The whisper is there just tone down the drop back of noise and you will hear..nice poem..

    1. Not everyone hears, I am sad to say. And like the lesson of Job, when you ask why can't I hear, sometimes God answers as He did to Job... "Who are you to question Me?"

      Oh right. I can ignore the spiritual lessons of the past because those who do are NOT doomed to repeat them... Isn't that how that saying goes?

      All that said, I have good evidence in my own life that God loves to be used, whether or not He is willing to tell you what He is doing.

  8. I love that you saw a broken egg...beautiful write, Chris...

    1. To me the painting is dynamic with a girl in the tree to put eggs in her basket which has tipped. There is an upset bird over the whole thing, the nest has bee destroyed with only crumbs left and somehow the basket has tipped and one of the eggs has broken. Meanwhile across the way someone has witnessed all this through the window there. I added another witness who has a relationship with the egg taker.

  9. the tree of my undoing...

    Ooer! What a specimen that could be...

  10. No, not too low for those who sincerely want to hear. Be assured that I did not for far too long.

    1. If it works, then this is a great thing to say, you listen carefully enough then God's voice is there. However, for some it is not there. Then it is unkind to say, well you didn't listen right or with insufficient care, or what? ... maybe your ears are defective. Because I am 100% sure that many people never hear God's voice. To blame them for it is to become that less than beautiful creature known as a comforter of Job. In Jesus' time some of them were Pharisees. What if to do God's will I am required to remain in the wilderness, apparently without Him or even His assurance that is what I am supposed to do?

    2. How can you be so sure that God does not talk to everyone? Now, if it is indeed true that He created some for glory and all others for destruction, then one could be fairly sure of Him not caring to talk to everyone, but since He has never wanted to see the destruction of anyone, we can be quite sure of the absolute truth of the matter truly being that He does indeed talk to everyone on a regular basis. For without that, we really would be pretty much on our own in this world and in need of saving ourselves. That is, if that would be possible, and even if it was, what would we have to look forward to? For just how wonderful could spending all of eternity in His Kingdom of Heaven be if the Lord God Almighty cared so little as to leave us to fend for ourselves in such a wretched world that was created by His hand?

      If you would like to continue this in greater depth and more privately, please feel free to shoot me an email at Be assured that you can tell me to shut up and leave you alone at anytime, and I will.


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