Tuesday, September 3, 2013

After He Died

A fine fantasy story appeared in The New Yorker magazine, the byline dated April 20, 2009. It is called A Tiny Feast, written by Chris Adrian. It features some very strange creatures, a small boy dying of leukemia, and a hospital staff. I recommend the story and I have embellished that story here. This is stuff he did not choose to tell and yet I know very well what happened. I was there.

This photo is a pretty good shot of one stage of the procession through the town. None of the wee folk nor the two witches can be seen because they do not show on photos without express permission given by someone who can give it. No one gave permission.

After He Died

Then the changeling died.
We had to carry him home
on a bier we made
from things at our hand
so we trashed the place outright
to make his last bed
and we took him out
in procession, all hundreds
of us fine wee folk
led by both witches.
With no glamour left to mask
us, we knew they would
see the whole sad thing
so we decided to show
off our skills at joy.
The entire town turned
upside down for us, promptly
starting bronze statues,
some building an ark,
those people so sure
that the flood was coming soon.
That's all fine by us.

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