Sunday, March 3, 2013

Under Duress - A Magpie Tale

Image by The Fox and The Raven, courtesy Tess Kincaid

Image also found under Kaia Pieters' creative commons site

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Under Duress

Waterboarding is
a nasty technique even
when you get rests in
between the sessions.

Look at you reaching for breath,
all you care about
right now, sweetheart. Bad
girls soften up quick.

I remember what
that feels like. They did
me twenty seven times once
before I opened
my back files, told them
all everything, even truth
to get them to stop.

March 3, 2013 12:36 PM


  1. so intense - awful to think about that happening to someone.

  2. "even truth."
    Hits home Christopher. So powerful the word "even' placed there. Sad too, how much we communicate "other than".

    All, everything...that's where the good stuff is.

    Did Chris tell you I'm coming to Oregon in April? Hope to meet the two of you somehow :)

    1. That would be interesting. I would love to meet with you if it worked out.

    2. I will be in Medford 1/20 and 1/23... in Corvallis 1/21 and 1/22. Let me know. I'm a passanger on this trip, so won't have a vehicle, but my mom might be willing to travel a bit for a good story :)

  3. Who'd have thought this image could hold such torture? :-)

  4. Continues to amaze me the thoughts that run through individuals minds on this prompts...this is no exception.

  5. intense for sure....thanks for sharing this


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